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Forget the iPhone 16, there’s a new iPhone 17 Plus display rumor

We've picked up on a fresh iPhone 17 Plus display rumor, with a reliable source suggesting a smaller display for the 2025 smartphone.

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Despite the fact the iPhone 16 is still months away, we’ve already picked up on an iPhone 17 Plus display rumor, with a source suggesting that Apple is planning on shaking up the size of its screens in 2025.

This new rumor relating to the screen size of the iPhone 17 is courtesy of notable tipster and supply chain expert Ross Young, via MacRumors. While Young doesn’t offer an exact size for the iPhone 17 Plus’ screen, he suggests it’ll be smaller than the 6.7-inch of the iPhone 15 Plus, and if other leaks are correct, the iPhone 16 Plus. The source doesn’t offer a reason why Apple might be making the change, so it’s left up to us to speculate.

It’s a popular opinion that the Plus model is the awkward middle child of each new generation of iPhone, so it’s possible that Apple could be making this change, along with other possible alterations, to help make the step up from the base model stand out a little more. Still, given we haven’t had official confirmation of the display sizes of the upcoming iPhone 16 series from Apple, other rumors suggest the Cupertino tech giant might already be attempting to address this issue by increasing the size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s screen to 6.9-inches, making the iPhone 16 Plus unique in its display size.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first we’ve heard about the iPhone 17 series’ displays. Just last month we reported on the rumor that the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus are to support ProMotion screen technology. Still, it’s hard to say whether that plays into the possibility of a smaller display for the 17 Plus outside of the fact that a smaller screen would require slightly less power.

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Of course, at the time of writing, there’s no way we can corroborate the leak, and we likely won’t hear anything from Apple itself until late into 2025. However, it’s worth noting that Young is one of the more reliable sources of the various usual suspects when it comes to leaks, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s on the money with this incredibly early development. As we are with the iPhone 16, we’ll continue to keep an ear to the ground to see if any new rumors emerge surrounding the iPhone 17 in the coming months.

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