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Kimono Cats update pounces onto Apple Arcade soon

You can never have enough cat games, and Apple Arcade members need to add this one to their collection as the Kimono Cats update launches soon.

Kimono Cats update: Two cartoon cats, one wearing glasses and a green kimono and another that is grey giving them a kiss on the cheek

HumaNature Studios’ has announced the first major Kimono Cats update, bringing a huge batch of new content to the Apple Arcade exclusive game. Unlike a lot of cat games, Kimono Cats combines wholesome village building with dating sim mechanics, but with adorable gender-neutral kitties instead of humans.

Version 1.1 adds 20 new quests to the list of cozy activities available in your Japanese festival-inspired village to unlock whimsical items like rainbows, hot air balloons, and even a UFO. Keep up with your daily tasks to expand your village and attract potential companions.

Visit the Matsuri Festival with your cat companion and play a bubble-popping minigame to trigger mini-games and positive events in the village. Watch out for the bad bubbles filled with ugly masks and poop on a stick – but even hitting them by accident helps to complete your Bubble Catalogue. Silver linings!

“I was inspired to create Kimono Cats as a way to bring joy during stressful times,” said HumaNature founder Greg Johnson. “It celebrates all kinds of love and aims to represent our diverse team at HumaNature. Kimono Cats is a game where everyone can be themselves and play to their heart’s content.” As a special bonus to celebrate Pride Month, HumaNature Studios has added rainbow animations when your cat companions kiss. How adorable!

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When can I get the Kimono Cats update?

Kimono Cats’ version 1.1 update launches on June 9 exclusively on Apple Arcade. There’s language support for English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

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