Project Slayers codes March 2023

With our list of new Project Slayers codes you never have to worry about being short on spins and XP in this amazing Roblox experience

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March 27, 2023: We checked for new Project Slayers code for our list

Curious about Project Slayers codes? Well, let’s start at the beginning. Roblox is a wondrous place, especially if you happen to enjoy an assortment of anime and manga, as you can come across games inspired by the likes of My Hero Academia, One Piece, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer, and Tokyo Ghoul. Project Slayers, as the name implies, takes influence from Demon Slayer, which means you can expect plenty of action.

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New Project Slayers codes

Active codes:

  • ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset – breathing reset
  • [email protected] – 20 daily spins, five Demon Spins, and 100 clan spins
  • ProjectShutdown –  15 daily spins, 100 clan spins, and 20 demon spins
  • ProjectShutdownRace – race reset
  • [email protected] – race reset
  • [email protected] – breathing reset
  • New500kLikesCode! – ten demon art, 25 clan spins, and three daily spins
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset! – race reset
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRace – race reset
  • New500kLikesCode! – ten demon art, 25 clan spins, and three daily spins
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset! – race reset
  • ProjectShutdownBreathing – breathing reset
  • ThanksFor500kVotes – 10 daily spins, 75 clan spins, and 20 demon spins
  • HappyNewYears! – 50 clan spins, ten demon art spins, and five Daily spins
  • 2023BreathingReset – breathing reset
  • HappyUpdateYears! – race reset
  • MerryChristmas2022 – reward
  • MerryChristmas2022RaceReset – reward
  • MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset – reward

Expired codes:

  • [email protected]
  • IncreasedDropsBreathReset
  • IncreasedDropRaceReset
  • 400Klikes
  • 400Klikesracreset
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset
  • Miniupdate3
  • MiniUpdate3racereset
  • Miniupdate3breathingreset
  • 350Kupvotes!
  • 350Kupvotes!Breathing
  • lastcode?lol
  • anotherdayanothershutdown
  • 300klikes!
  • shutdownnumb2
  • shutdown!
  • miniupdate
  • miniupdatedaily
  • soryagainguys:V
  • 200K+upvotestysm
  • sorryforanothershutdown
  • 100K+likesiglol
  • werebackup
  • Gettingthere!
  • Sorryforshutdowns!

Project Slayers codes - three characters stood in the middle of a field with swords during a sunset

What are Project Slayers codes?

Project Slayers codes provide you with valuable in-game goodies courtesy of the developer, Project Slayers, who tend to add new ones for each milestone hit, so bookmark his page to stay up to date with the latest goodies.

How do I redeem Project Slayers codes?

To redeem Project Slayers codes, follow these steps:

  • Open Roblox
  • Launch Project Slayers
  • Open the menu
  • Hit the book icon
  • Enter your code in the box
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebies

How do I get more Project Slayers codes?

If you want to keep on top of all the latest Project Slayers codes as they drop, you should bookmark this page and check back often as we update it regularly. Aside from that, you can join the Project Slayers Discord and keep an eye out for any new Project Slayers freebies straight from the source.

Is there a Project Slayers Trello?

Like most popular Roblox experiences, there is indeed a Project Slayers Trello and you can find it right here. The Trello contains all sorts of useful stuff, including update information, NPC locations, gameplay tips, and even extra codes – so go check it out!

There you have it, all of the current Project Slayers codes. If you want to enjoy this game further, make sure you check out our Project Slayers private server codes and Project Slayers breathing guide. For more anime Roblox, check our guide to Roblox Project New World codes, or for some less blocky action, head over to our best anime games list.