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Kingdom Hearts’ Demyx would beat Goku in a fight

The Vs Wiki lists Kingdom Hearts' Demyx as ranking higher than Dragon Ball's Goku when it comes to overall strength, so it's time to let the dancing water dance

Kingdom Hearts Demyx leaning on his sitar and smiling with Goku passed out in the background

When you think of the strongest character in Organization 13, Kingdom Hearts’ Demyx probably isn’t the first to come to mind. After all, this soft-spoken water baby is far more interested in blasting tunes than blasting opponents – and, while we’re sure ‘dance, water, dance!’ is forever burnt into your memory just as strongly as it is ours, Ansem yelling ‘submit!’ probably triggers a far more visceral reaction in all of us.

But how would Kingdom Hearts’ Demyx size up against other iconic fighters like, say, Dragon Ball’s Goku? Well, Reddit user u/FlounderCareful2589 recently uploaded a post highlighting that the Vs Wiki has some interesting opinions.

In Goku’s Vs Wiki page, he’s listed as a Saiyan God with tiers ranking from 3-A at the lowest, to 2-C at the highest, depending on what form he’s taking – considering there are multiple variants of Goku, including the powerful Super Saiyan Blue. On the other hand, Demyx’s Vs Wiki sees our sweet little mulleted blondie pull into the lead, ranking at tier 2-B.

This is a pretty interesting take, especially when you consider that Goku is credited with a whole host of top-notch powers, including supernatural willpower, electricity generation, telepathy, and rage power among many others. However, while Demyx’s main power is his ability to summon allies to aid him in battle, he’s also listed as having self-sustenance, immortality negation, water manipulation, life absorption, darkness manipulation, light manipulation, and flight.

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The Vs Wiki also highlights that Demyx’s attack potency is multiverse level and, though he’s one of the weaker members of the original Organization (alongside Vexen and Zexion), he’s capable of taking on mid-game Sora in Kingdom Hearts II, who later goes on to fight the rest of Organization XIII. So, if all this is to be taken at face value, we presume that Goku would have an even tougher time facing off against higher-ranking members such as the hot-headed (and my personal fave) Axel.

As much as we love Kingdom Hearts and the adorable lazy-bones that is Demyx, we can’t say we’re fully convinced that Goku couldn’t beat him in a fight. But, until we get a boundary-breaking arena fighter where we get to watch the water negotiating Nobody face off against the godlike Goku, we recommend that the Super Saiyan watches his back if ever he hears a distant cry of ‘dance, water, dance!’

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