Legends of Runeterra news – first European tournament

Find out the latest Legends of Runeterra news with our handy guide

There’s tonnes of Legends of Runeterra news right now – as Riot’s card-battler moves further away from launch, so too is it trying out plenty of new stuff. It seems like every other week there’s Legends of Runeterra news about an experimental mode, new events, or even, as with Mount Targon, massive expansions – not that we’re complaining, of course! But to keep you updated on everything coming to the game, we decided to create a Legends of Runeterra news guide, listing the most important stuff that you need to know about Runeterra.

Whether that’s new exciting game modes like Labs or Gauntlet, expansions like Call of the Mountain, or in-game events, like the Spirit Blossom Festival. We’re going to round up all of the Legends of Runeterra news worth knowing, and put it in one place – handy, huh?

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here’s the latest legends of runeterra news:

legends of runeterra news: first european tournament

Riot has revealed the first European Legends of Runeterra tournament – Chronicles of Targon. The objective of the tournament is to determine which European country is the best at Runeterra, so is pitting the greatest players that each nation has to offer against each other. These players will be decided via the ranked ladder in the game, and the top 16 players will net their countries a place in the group stage on November 7. You can see the tournament roadmap below:

That means you have until October 12 to prove your mettle. There will also be a prize pool for the tournament, though we don’t know exactly how much yet. You can find out more details about how the tournament itself will play on the Legends of Runeterra website.

legends of runeterra: call of the mountain design dive

Riot has released a Call of the Mountain Design Dive, explaining how they developed the champions and mechanics for Legends of Runeterra’s most recent expansion. The dive also explains the mechanics behind new champions for pre-existing factions, such as Nocturne, Trundle, and Lulu. The post mentions that the two further Targon expansions that are on the way will flesh out the region even more.

call of the mountain: first of three targon expansions releases

The first expansion of the new Mount Targon region releases on August 26 at 11:00 PT (19:00 BST) and brings with it 89 cards, and 7 new Champions. 51 of these cards are unique to the Targon region, but the other 38 are split across existing regions such as Freljord, Ionia, and the Shadow Isles. For specifics on the new Champions and patch 1.8, see our Legends of Runeterra update guide.

We’ve been covering the card reveals for Mount Targon over the past few weeks, and it seems to be a region of light and darkness, with the Lunari and the Solari as the two primary factions. There are also some pretty crazy looking celestial creatures, like Aurelion Sol, who is basically a space dragon. For further details of future Targon region expansions, you can see the story below, or the useful infographic above. We’ll see you on the mountain!

call of the mountain: new region of mount targon adds 169 cards

Some big Legends of Runeterra news has arrived! Mount Targon is to become the card-battler’s newest region, adding 169 cards to the game, along with 13 champions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Call of the Mountain release date is August 26
  • The first expansion adds 89 cards and seven champions, while the subsequent two add 40 more cards each and three more champions a piece
  • This is the new format for Legends of Runeterra content, with an ‘expansion’ launching first, and two subsequent smaller ‘sets’ coming after
  • The new ranked season launches with Call of the Mountain, and seasons from now on begin when an expansion releases

In other Legends of Runeterra news, Riot is also going to start revealing Call of the Mountain Cards from August 11, which we are going to cover in our Legends of Runeterra update guide!

spirit blossom festival: special cosmetics and rewards

Legends’s of Runeterra’s first in-game event is the Spirit Blossom Festival, running from July 22 to August 19 (10am PT). Here’s all you need to know about the Spirit Blossom Festival:

  • The Spirit Blossom Festival has a special lineup of rewards, like card backs, wildcards, and guardians
  • Earn these by completing challenges to get petals
  • For more access to rewards, you can purchase the Spirit Blossom Event Pass for 975 coins ($10 for 1000 coins)
  • The festival rewards and content are themed around the region of Ionia

Be sure to grab what you want, as once the festival is done, there won’t be another chance.

If you want to play Legends of Runeterra for yourself, check out Google Play and the App Store for download. Also be sure to see our Legends of Runeterra review!

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