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Riot’s team “weighed everything” before shifting LoR’s focus to PVP

There were many things for Riot Games to consider when it decided to shift to a Legends of Runeterra PvP focus for the mobile card game

A champion that's ready to go to battle in some Legends of Runeterra PvP

Recently, Riot Games confirmed that there’s a shift in focus for its mobile card game, as Legends of Runeterra PvP components become more prominent for the team, but it’s fair to say that hasn’t been met with loads of enthusiasm by the community, especially since some players prefer to engage in PvE action.

Naturally, this led to speculation on why Riot has chosen this new direction, with many thinking its Legends of Runeterra PvP focus is due to Path of Champions 2.0 not meeting performance expectations. However, LoR executive producer and game director, Dave Guskin, has set the record straight with a recent tweet on his personal social media account.

He admits that the player assumption about Path of Champions is “a reasonable assumption,” however, it’s not actually the reason for the shift in approach to the mobile card game. Rather, the mode is performing well, but when the team “looked at the work required to realise all of our future plans, we had to take a step back – it was a lot.”

Nonetheless, the team behind Legends of Runeterra is committed to the current version of the game mode, and is set to “clean up the rough edges, as well as continue to add some extra content over time.”

What other reason is there for the LoR PvP focus?

As far as the future of the game though, Duskin claims that “there are a lot of projects at Riot that could use extra help. Our devs have a ton to offer these projects. So when faced with the decision to forge ahead, or refocus our roots in PVP and hyper-serve that core CCG community, we weighed everything, and made the decision to return to our roots.”

Evidently, it’s not a decision that the development team takes lightly, and it still wants what’s best for its player base. However, if you need some help to prepare a deck to face off against other players, make sure you check out our Legends of Runeterra decks guide.

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