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New mobile game Little Big Robots brings mechs to iOS, Android

Little Big Robots’ release date is here, with the new mech shooter from My.Games bringing the third mobile game in its War Robots Universe to iOS and Android.

Little Big Robots art showing various mechs in different colours all fighting over a crystal sphere in the centre of the frame.

My.Games has reached the Little Big Robots release date, a new mobile game full of mechs and isometric shooter action developed by Pixonic. It’s out now on iOS and Android, and it brings with it cartoony battles and a bunch of robots for some classic gameplay akin to the best mobile shooters out there today.

Little Big Robots sees a shift away from the seriousness of the sci-fi settings in previous War Robots games. Little Big Robots gets a more vibrant art style, taking the fictional setting to a lighter place. This carries over to the mechs, too, with cute designs across all 20 mechs available at launch.

Each mech has unique abilities and can equip a weapon, which means creating your build is likely an important part of the game. Once you’ve chosen your build, there are different game modes to jump into, with solo, duo, and 4v4 modes – plus the inevitable Battle Royale addition, a first for the series.

Combine this with different maps and future updates and it sounds like a neat little package – if we get a chance to give it a go we’ll let you know what we think. You can check out the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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