Get spooky for less with 75% off Little Nightmares on Switch

The atmospheric 2D platformer offers some satisfying spooky thrills, so save some money with this Little Nightmares Nintendo Switch sale today

Little Nightmares Nintendo Switch sale: a screenshot from the game Little Nightmares shows a young character in a yellow coat cowering

While there are a lot of great horror games on Switch, if you are looking to get into a great series and save some money, today is your lucky day. Little Nightmares is a fantastic title filled with creepy horror and some genuine thrills and is currently on sale for US Nintendo Switch owners for a whopping 75% off, or a lovely $7.49. If you’ve been on the fence with the series this is the perfect time to take this horror franchise for a spin.

A 2D horror platformer in the style of Limbo or Inside (which are both currently on sale for -90% if you fancy a couple more great horror games), Little Nightmares is a gorgeously detailed and meticulously gory game that manages to be unsettling, though without resorting to jump scares or shock horror. Both the original and its sequel excel in subtle world-building, and we can’t recommend either of them enough. So enjoy it with this Little Nightmares Nintendo Switch sale!

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Check out the link below to grab yourself a bargain and load up Little Nightmares for your Nintendo Switch for less.

If you are still on the fence, be sure to check out the launch trailer for Little Nightmares on Switch below.

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