Little World codes – free tokens and XP

Stock up on tokens with our Little World codes list

A bug looking across a lake

June 22, 2021: We added two new Little World codes

You begin your adventure in Little World as an adorable bug and must evolve by collecting fruit and training out in the wide-open world. Why do I need to train up my bug, you may be asking? Well, in this Roblox title you must constantly be on the lookout for tough bosses that include spiders, rats, and frogs.

If you want to customise your bug a little, earn some extra tokens, and maybe even receive an XP boost, our Little World codes list is here to help. We will keep this list updated whenever a new code is released, and we will also remove any expired codes so that you don’t waste your time trying to redeem them.

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Here are the latest Little World codes

Active codes:

  • Furniture – (new!)
  • House – (new!)
  • Berries
  • Squads
  • LegendaryLike
  • FreeRareColors – two rare colour pods
  • FreeColors – three common colour pods
  • FreeLevel – plus one level
  • CarbonMeister – 50 tokens
  • CDTV – 50 tokens
  • DrakeCraft – 50 tokens
  • SnugLife – 50 tokens
  • RazorFish – 50 tokens
  • Roblerom – 50 tokens
  • Cookieboiyt – 50 tokens
  • ToadBoiGaming – 50 tokens
  • ItzVortex – 50 tokens
  • GrumpyGravy – 50 tokens
  • Baxtrix – 50 tokens
  • JeffBlox – 50 tokens
  • GamingDan – 50 tokens
  • Frash – 50 tokens

Expired codes:

  • 120KThankYou
  • Colors
  • EasterLevel
  • Egg
  • EasterSecret
  • 100KThankYou
  • GoldenRat
  • Rat
  • 75000
  • Controls
  • Obby
  • ThankYou20K
  • 5KWorld
  • SPIDER10k
  • 2kBug
  • 1kLadybug

A rat chasing a ladybug

What are Little World codes?

Little World codes give you extra tokens, XP, and colour pods. The game’s developer, Counter Impact, generally releases codes when the game hits a milestone or during holidays, such as Easter.

How do I redeem Little World codes?

It’s easy to redeem a Little World code; however, if you need a little help, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

  • Open up Little World
  • Press the Twitter icon
  • Type in your code
  • Push redeem
  • Enjoy your in-game goodies

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