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The Love and Deepspace release date has us swooning

Love and Deepspace’s release date is here, giving you the chance to find love while you fight to protect the city of Linkon aliens.

Love and Deepspace release date: A man sat with space in the background

The Love and Deepspace release date is here, and it has us blushing; we can’t wait to discover if love truly is a battlefield. We’re not alone in being ready to go walking in Linkon, as more than 15 million of you pre-registered your interest in the game. Is that because you can’t wait to hunt down some aliens or because you want to fall in love and spend some time with your new virtual husbando? We’re here for both, to be honest.

From what we know, we expect that Love and Deepspace is on its way to our lists of the best dating games and best mobile RPGs. You take on the role of a deepspace hunter, someone who’s willing to lay it all on the line, both your life and your heart. Luckily, you don’t have to fight the aliens, known as wanderers, alone, for there are three close companions to help you out – Xavier, Rafayel, and Zayne. They’re a deepspace hunter, passionate artist, and cardiac surgeon, respectively.

It already seems difficult to choose between the three, right? But who says you can only have one of them? Live your best fantasy life and go after all three of them if you like. The world could end tomorrow. The aliens might win; get all the lovin’ you can handle. You have many opportunities to spend time with each of them, be it talking about a recent battle or capturing memories through pictures.

Just prepare yourself. Everything you do leads to some intimate and realistic reactions, so make sure you’re ready for where this is heading. If you want to better understand what awaits you on Love and Deepspace, we suggest you check out the trailer below. Or, you could always go in with no prior knowledge, which might make things a bit spicier in your newfound relationships.

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Whatever you decide to do, the Love and Deepspace release date is here, so you can throw caution to the wind and give in passion whenever you like. Mind you, we get that this relationship malarkey isn’t for everyone, and if that applies to you, feel free to check out our list of the best horror games instead.