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Prep your palette for the Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration period

The Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration campaign is here following the end of the closed beta, so keep reading to learn more about the great rewards on offer.

Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration: Ayn from Lovebrush Chronicles wearing a black suit with a white shirt and red accessories, playing chess. He is outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background of the main four boys

Netease Games’ Lovebrush Chronicles just finished up its closed beta and now the hype for the game’s official release begins with the Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration period. As usual, this campaign is full of fantastic rewards for you to unlock by pre-registering for this adventure RPG looking to shake up the otome games space.

In this parallel universe-hopping adventure, you play as a Traveler, a unique and singular existence with no counterparts in parallel worlds, meaning you can freely travel between them without causing a paradox. You make your way through various worlds, meeting beautiful anime men with mysterious powers across the real world and the Godheim.

As well as in-game rewards for pre-registering, you’ll also be entered into various raffles to win real prizes like Amazon gift cards and an iPhone 14. Netease Games also plans to reveal more information about the characters and the plot as the number of pre-registered players increases.

How can I pre-register for Lovebrush Chronicles?

There are a variety of different ways that you can pre-register for Lovebrush Chronicles: sign up through the App Store or Google Play, enter your email address on the official website, or pre-register by connecting your Facebook or Twitter account on the website. There are even rewards for referring friends to pre-register!

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What are the Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration rewards?

Here are all of the pre-registration rewards for Lovebrush Chronicles:

  • 50k pre-registrations – 20k gold, 20 stamina, and ten $10 Amazon gift cards up for raffle
  • 100k pre-registrations – an exclusive pre-registration avatar frame, 30 stamina, and ten $30 Amazon gift cards up for raffle
  • 200k pre-registrations – 160 diamonds, three Stardust Bell – Bear, and ten $50 Amazon gift cards up for raffle
  • 300k pre-registrations – one Pictura – Time of Serenity, three Engravings – Shadow, and one iPad Air up for raffle
  • 500k pre-registrations – ten Old Dutch Paint and one iPhone 14 up for raffle

That’s everything you need to know about the Lovebrush Chronicles pre-registration period. You can get more of your dating fix with our list of the best visual novel games, or check out more of the best gacha games.