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Like a Dragon roars into a massive mobile game crossover

After spending some downtime on Dondoko Island, Ichiban Kasuga is off on a brand new adventure in the Mafia City x Yakuza crossover.

Key art of the Mafia City x Yakuza crossover showing Ichiban Kasuga on a red background

Get ready, Ichiban is coming to a mega mobile game near you – that’s right, the Hero of Yokohama is available in a limited-time Mafia City and Yakuza crossover. Perhaps this could portend more crossovers with the long-running series in other games, but we’re just excited to see Kiryu and co again.

Ichiban Kasuga, the loveable main character of Like a Dragon and Infinite Wealth, makes his debut in Mafia City as a vigilante. That means he can head up your party in the mafia game. He’s joined by Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima as renegade units, and Seonhee as a babe (yes, that’s a thing in the game).

Along with the main characters as playable units, you can get some snazzy decor including a statue of Kiryu and a Japanese eatery serving up steaming hot bowls of the finest cuisine.

Don’t forget to register to grab some freebies if you’re heading in to grab an Ichiban of your own, then head out into the real-time turf war game. Loot banks, form alliances, find a cool babe to cheer you on, and take over the city as the strongest mafia boss around.

Now, let’s move on to the speculation section. Does this crossover mean that Yakuza characters are going to drop in as Fortnite skins, or appear as new units in Tower of Fantasy? Probably not, but we’d love it if they did.

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This isn’t even the first crossover Mafia City has done – the game has a history of collabs with Yakuza where Kiryu and Mad Dog Majima appeared in the first wave, and then again alongside Nishikiyama and Goda in late 2021.

Well, I’ll be over here wishing for Yakuza games on Switch – or maybe I’ll get one of the other best portable game consoles so I can play some Steam Deck games instead.