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Whitethorn Games cooks up a magical Metroidvania for Switch

The Magical Delicacy release date is set to transport us to the town of Grat to cook up potions and pizzas for its adventurous residents.

Magical Delicacy release date: Four pixel art characters from Magical Delicacy, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot

Grab your whisk because Whitethorn Games just announced the Magical Delicacy release date. This solo dev project from sKaule is a Metroidvania-lite mixed with a cooking game, complete with stunning pixel graphics and Whitethorn’s usual mix of diverse characters.

Magical Delicacy follows Flora, a trainee witch looking to grow her magical skills by visiting the adventurer’s town of Grat and setting up shop to cook up meals and potions for the residents. Unlike other cooking games on the Switch, Magical Delicacy features a town full of secrets for you to traverse, foraging ingredients and learning new recipes along the way.

If you’ve wanted to try Metroidvania games like Hollow Knight in the past but have felt a little intimidated, this game is for you. Magical Delicacy is primarily a cooking game with a linear narrative and tons of recipes to explore, but traversing Grat looks and feels like a 2D platforming Metroidvania, complete with unlockable shortcuts and new abilities to find.

When is the Magical Delicacy release date?

Magical Delicacy launches on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC on July 16, 2024. Plus, Magical Delicacy is coming to Xbox Games Pass on day one, so you’ll also have the chance to play it via Xbox Cloud Gaming on your phone or on other portable gaming consoles.

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