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Final Mario Strikers update presents an open goal for critics

The final Mario Strikers update is here, but despite high hopes for the game on release, it seems that few are fully satisfied with the end product

Screenshot of Bowser Jr ready to play ball from the final Mario Strikers battle league update

The final Mario Strikers update is here, and despite more content arriving in the title, it’s safe to say that players are still pretty disappointed with the end-game for this superstar soccer simulator. Considering many had anticipated Mario Strikers being the best Mario sports title on Switch, it’s finishing the year with a MetaCritic user score of 4.3/10, which you have to admit is not trophy-winning form.

With all things said and done, six new characters have arrived in-game since launch, with no new game modes, solo content, or even online events taking place in the time since then. That makes Mario Strikers updates even less generous than the divisive Mario Golf and Mario Tennis titles, with fans now lambasting all three as sub-par titles in the long history of the moustachioed plumber’s sporting habits.

It comes as a slight surprise that the final score for Mario’s soccer title leaves a sour taste in the mouth of both players and, presumably, the developer when the release day experience was a fun one. In fact, in our Mario Strikers: Battle League review, we gave the game a solid 9/10, but a lot of this was hinged on the fact we expected more content to arrive, in particular, more solo content. Unfortunately, it never did, and the title quickly lost its sparkle as the online lobbies grew quiet.

One particular Reddit post perfectly captures the disappointment of Mario sports fans, with an infographic comparing the content across the last two Mario Strikers titles. I’m not usually one to side with screaming fanboys, unless I myself am being one, but on this occasion, it’s hard to argue with the fact that Charged arrived with more content than Strikers finishes with, and it definitely feels like more game modes and multiplayer content could have found its way into the latest Mario soccer sim.

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Anyway, that’s all there is to know about the internet’s opinion on the last Mario Strikers update. For more sporting delights, check out our picks for the best golf games, football games, basketball games, and baseball games.