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Our favourite Mario Party games

Our Mario Party games guide covers the best titles on Switch and beyond, so grab some pals and get the party started. Try not to fall out.

Mario Party games: Mario and pals appear in a series of barres, floating out at see

We love Mario Party games, and it seems Mazza does as well! You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but Mario has years of partying behind him. The man in red throws a spectacular soiree and already has well over a dozen legendary parties under his belt. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch is home to a few of these, so welcome to our guide covering all the Mario Party games you can play on the convertible console, and a couple more. While some parties are better than others, each has its own charm and, importantly, a few extra minigames to play with pals.

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Time to roll the dice and hop on down to the rest of our Mario Party games guide.

Mario Party games: Mario, a Goomba, Peach, and Bowser, all compete on tiny bokes to cross the finish line

Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch 

The first entry to arrive on Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Party is something of a reinvention for the series, taking away some of the complications introduced over the years. It features a batch of minigames that make great use of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, and flipping meat in a pan looks better than ever.

Each individual character also has their own dice with different numbers on them, which adds a sense of strategy to proceedings that previous games in the series lack. We wish it had a bit more content, but that’s what the next entry is all about…

Mario Party games: Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, all compete to stay on floating platforms,

Mario Party Superstars – Nintendo Switch 

Now we’re cooking! If you don’t like waggling your remote, Mario Party Superstars is the biggest blowout since Gatsby’s pool party. Superstars features a selection of the very best minigames from the series’ history, all with a lovely HD polish, and controllable through buttons either on the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller. Discover extensive online modes, and play with your pals with ease. You can even pause a game if you need a break or add a few more rounds when you’re having a blast!

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With a comprehensive collection of great minigames and four fantastic boards, if you can only buy one Mario Party game for Switch, we wholeheartedly recommend you purchase this one over Super Mario Party. Read our Mario Party Superstars review to learn more about the title, including its dazzling visuals, great online options, and the best bunch of minigames in any Mario Party to date.

Mario Party games: Mario and friends battle Donkey Kong in a game of tug-of-war

Mario Party – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack 

Want to know where the party began or relive your childhood N64 memories? The original Mario Party is available through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion pack service. It now even includes online modes so you can challenge your school buddies no matter where they live. Explore Yoshi’s Tropical Island once more, or take a trip down memory lane with DK’s Jungle Adventure. There’s a reason Mario Party spawned so many sequels, and it’s never been easier to play.

Mario Party games: a small luigi in a cowboy outfit stands on some train tracks

Mario Party 2 – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion pack 

What does any great sequel need to offer? More of the good stuff. Another Nintendo 64 entry playable through Nintendo Switch Online, Mario Party 2 gets wackier and weirder with the minigames and introduces the iconic Pirate Land and Space Land maps. Plus, each character even gets their own special outfit, depending on what board they are on, and it’s absolutely adorable. If you somehow missed this part of Mario Party history, go back and fix it today.

Mario Party games: Mario and several other pals all appear in one car, trying to escae from Bowser

Mario Party 10 – Nintendo WiiU 

If you’re yet to join the Switch party, or are still regularly dusting off your WiiU (there are dozens of us!), there’s another recent Mario Party that’s still worth a look. Mario Party 10 is all about players working together, as instead of everyone spread around the map, the entire roster jumps in a car together to work as a team and must earn points in minigames to win. Party fanatics don’t skip over this one, as Mario Party 10 still offers some great minigames and gorgeous visuals. It could be perfect to convert the younger players in your house.

Mario Party games: Mario and pals appear in a series of barres, floating out at see

Mario Party: The Top 100 

The 3DS is still a nifty device, and I regularly pull mine out to tackle A Link Between Worlds all over again. If you still love yours, Mario Party: The Top 100 is a great addition to the system library and could be a great way to share the party with a few pals. It features (unsurprisingly) 100 of the best minigames from the series’ history, more than in any other Mario Party title to date! Plus, you can play classic minigames as newer characters like fan favourite Wauigi or Rosalina, the ultimate Nintendo princess.

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Alright, party pals, that’s all we have for today. Hopefully, you’ve already got the place jumping, and Mazza and pals are helping you share some serious gaming time with the ones you love. For even more great ways to play with your friends, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch party games and the best party games on mobile next.