Germany is getting a slice of Super Mario pizza and we’re very jealous

Super Mario pizza is coming to Germany thanks to food group Freiberger, with Wario and Waluigi also receiving their own dastardly creation

Custom image of Mario holding a pizza for Mario pizza news

If you’ve ever fancied a slice of Super Mario pizza, it’s time to jet off to Germany, as an upcoming promotion promises a slice that will make you say “mamma mia” with delight. Sure, it’s a long way to go, but can you find a frozen pizza box with Mario and Luigi in it in North America? No, no you can’t.

As part of the hype building in the run-up to the Mario movie release date, there are two Mario pizza designs from Freiberger now in German supermarkets, with Mario and Luigi offering a triple salami sizzler, while Wario and Waluigi present a special four-cheese variation with, uh, candy sprinkles, apparently. We know that Wario has some funky tastebuds, but we didn’t realise quite how funky.

Unfortunately, these special edition Mario pizzas are exclusive to Germany at the moment, and unlike shipping in an expensive figurine or amiibo, we’re not quite sure how you would go about ordering a pizza for worldwide delivery. What we do know is that by the time it arrived, you’d have some pretty soggy merchandise on your hands.

If you are planning on grabbing some Mario merch ahead of the big feature film release, fortunately, there’s a slightly more widely distributed line coming up, with Mario movie McDonalds toys set to appear all over the world in the next couple of months. So you might not be having pizza, but a Happy Meal isn’t too bad a substitute.

Screenshot of the two Mario pizza options with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi on the covers

There you have it, all you need to know about the Mario pizzas coming out of Germany. For more of the moustachioed plumber, be sure to check out our Mario figure guide.