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New heroes fly onto mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions’ Strike Fear trailer brings Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike to the superhero mobile game this June on iOS and Android.

Marvel Contest of Champions Strike Fear trailer showing Dani Moonstar, a woman in a hooded robe that looks a bit like Robin Hood, arrows on her back and bow made of yellow light stretched taught in her two hands.

Lady Deathstrike and Dani Moonstar are joining the fight in Marvel Contest of Champions, a  collection game from Kabam on iOS and Android. Both characters jump into the arena over June, and there’s a brand new trailer showcasing Marvel Contest of Champions’ Strike Fear update.

Lady Deathstrike comes to MCoC with powerful healing abilities and adamantium claws à la Wolverine, leaving behind the name Yuriko Oyama in favor of this new title. Meanwhile, Dani Moonstar of the New Mutants has mastered her illusion powers and brings them to the Contest.

With around 250 champions in the Contest, it’s incredible that the number keeps growing. Alongside the new characters, there are new stories to explore, from outwitting Lady Deathstrike to escape Battleworld to protecting the World Seed with Dani’s powers.

When do the new characters join MCoC?

Dani Moonstar joins Marvel Contest of Champions on June 15, with Lady Deathstrike joining the fight on June 20. You can check out the Strike Fear trailer below.

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