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Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain introduces Hela and Mephisto

The next story chapter is here, Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain gives you the chance to restore peace to primary earth, and grab some nice goodies

Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain art work

Another day, another heinous villain wages war against the multiverse, set on total domination. Good thing you and your merry band of superheroes are here, huh? The Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain update is here, and with it not only comes a new story chapter, but characters, regions, and various events that have some tasty rewards up for grabs.

First things first, the Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain update introduces the Ruler of Hell Mephisto, and the Queen of Death, Hela. These supervillains reign over the Netherworld and Niflheim, respectively, and as their titles might indicate, they’re exceptionally strong and govern the dead.

As part of the update, you can access a new level known as Blitz, during which you can take the fight to Mephisto. However, bear in mind that he’s powerful, and might be your toughest challenge yet. Therefore, your level must be 115 minimum to enter the battlefield. Of course, it’s more than worth your time, and we don’t just mean because you can knock the Ruler of Hell from his pedestal, but because there’s some strong equipment for you to win.

Who are the new Marvel Future Revolution companions?

As with any MFR update, the game gets a host of new companions, and this time it’s Baron Mordo, Blue Bamf, and the Spirit of Vengeance himself, Ghost Rider. These new characters offer you extra support when in combat.

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What is the Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain event?

The Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain update features three different events, the first of which is a login event. If you play the game every day for two consecutive weeks, you can grab yourself 1,000 crystals, a four-star region costume selection box, and more.

Next, the Dark Domain event gives you the chance to get Baron Mordo, and a dark domain treasure box. Finally, the Lunar New Year Craft event allows you to collect lunar tokens, which in turn, you can use to create powerful gear and items.

If all those potential freebies aren’t enough, make sure you visit our Marvel Future Revolution codes list. We also have a Marvel Future Revolution tier list if you’re unsure which heroes to use.

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