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Marvel Future Revolution’s Magik is finally here

The Ruler of Limbo herself is finally here, Marvel Future Revolution's Magik is now available to help you save the multiverse

Close up of Marvel Future Revolution's Magik

Listen up, heroes. A new ally has come to aid you in your fight to save the multiverse, and she might just have the magic touch. That’s right, The Ruler of Limbo herself, Magik, is now in Marvel Future Revolution, and we have no doubt that you’re as excited about her arrival as we are.

For those unfamiliar with Marvel Future Revolution’s Magik, she’s a mutant, which, unsurprisingly means, she’s part of the X-Men franchise. She also happens to be part of The New Mutants cast, a 2020 film with Anya Talor-Joy portraying the character. However, it’s worth noting that while the origins of New Mutants traces back to the comic series in the early 1980s, Illyana Nikolaievna Rasputina isn’t part of that cast.

Now that the Marvel Future Revolution Magik release date is here, we can look at what you can expect from the Russian mutant. Her weapon is the soulsword, a giant blade made from part of her soul. The power this blade emits is immense, allowing the character to cast powerful dark magic, including the ability to summon hydras, imps, and hounds – being The Ruler of Limbo certainly has its perks.

However, Magik can also teleport through the use of her stepping discs ability and transform into Darkchylde, which, as you might guess, is her darker half.

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When is Marvel Future Revolution Magik’s release date?

It’s already here. You can recruit Magik to help you fight the good fight right now. If you want to know more about her, make sure you check out our Marvel Future Revolution Magik guide.

Marvel Future Revolution update

Magik made her arrival as part of the latest Marvel Future Revolution update, but she’s not the only change to come to the game. Netmarble has also introduced a new PvE mode known as training grounds, which allows you to farm experience points to strengthen your characters.

Moreover, new characters such as Daredevil and No Way Home’s Spider-Man, are available as Marvel Future Revolution companions.

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