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Cause some chaos with Marvel Future Revolution’s Scarlet Witch

Marvel Future Revolution’s Scarlet Witch makes her debut, and all of her hex energy and chaos magic promises to make her a very fun character

Marvel Future Revolution's Scarlet Witch, Zombie Doctore Strange, and Wong

Given she plays such a vital role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we don’t think that Marvel Future Revolution’s Scarlet Witch debut could come at a better time, and we certainly can’t wait to use this extremely powerful hero.

There’s no denying that she’s a fan-favourite in the Marvel universe, and it’s only fitting that Marvel Future Revolution’s Scarlet Witch be the tenth hero to step up in an attempt to save the multiverse. Unsurprisingly, her abilities revolve around her use of hex energy and chaos magic, so we’ve got no doubt she’s fun to use on the battlefield.

To turn the tide of war to her advantage, Scarlet Witch has a number of curses available to her, all of which offer a variety of benefits. Not only that, but both she and Doctor Strange have unique costumes that take inspiration from the new movies. Oh, and Wong also makes an appearance as a new companion for you to summon.

It’s fair to say that Scarlet Witch is a prominent figure in the MCU, and while the character herself is fantastic, the performance of Elizabeth Olsen in her on-screen appearances only makes her that much more likeable. She’s been in various Avengers movies, Captain America, WandaVision, and most recently, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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When is the Marvel Future Revolution Scarlet Witch release date?

Scarlet Witch is available in-game now as part of the latest update, and to mark the occasion, a 7-week Check-in Event is taking place. During this time, you can grab plenty of rewards, such as high-quality gear.

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