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Marvel Puzzle Quest’s ten-year anniversary puts us in a Quandary

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Quandary is an all-new original hero to celebrate the mobile games tenth anniversary. Yes, you can expect some special events, too.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary key art to celebrate the tenth anniversary

It’s Marvel Puzzle Quest’s tenth anniversary, so it’s only natural that 505 Games and Broken Circle Studios want to do something extra special to celebrate such a milestone for the match-three mobile game. Well, things don’t get much bigger than the introduction of an original villain, right? Enter Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Quandary, the new bad guy on the block. We’re sure the other villains may find themselves in a state of perplexity when their new frenemy hits the scene.

Considering it’s one of the best Marvel games out there for mobile, it’s hardly surprising to see Marvel Puzzle Quest still do so well. Still, if that success means a new villain we’ve never seen before, we’re all for it. Better yet, Quandary is just the beginning of this celebration, as the devs promise a month-long party in which you can expect to see giveaways, special events, and updates to the character roster.

Speaking on the success of the game over the last ten years, Clive Robert, head of free-to-play at 505 games says, “Marvel Puzzle Quest has entertained over 25 million players with match-3 battles for a decade now, and we are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone, working closely with the talented teams at Broken Circle Studios and Marvel. We are looking forward to expanding Marvel Puzzle Quest’s legacy into another decade and beyond as we blend the world of intense puzzle action with Marvel’s top comic super heroes.”

When is Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary’s release date?

Quandary lands in Marvel Puzzle Quest today, October 5, 2023. As for what you can expect from her, she’s pretty enigmatic as a shroud of mystery surrounds her. In terms of her powers, Quandary can manipulate reality – okay, we get the name now, because we certainly feel perplexed.

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Given Quandary is just one part of the celebration, you likely want to know more about the aforementioned special events. Well, for the next month, you can expect to come across numerous limited-time events that feature PvP fights, boss battles, new characters, and some snazzy costumes – because we all know fashion matters. How can anyone take you seriously if your suit has no flair?

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