Kitty Pryde joins up with the X-Men in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap’s Kitty Pryde is the latest member of the X-Men to arrive in Second Dinner’s superhero card game, bringing her phasing abilities to the forefront.

Screenshot of Marvel Snap's Kitty Pryde for news on the topic

As the Days of Future Past season draws to a close, there’s still one more new card to arrive and assist the X-Men in their fight against Nimrod and the army of Sentinels. The last hero to swoop in is Marvel Snap’s Kitty Pryde, a one-cost zero-power card with an effect that sees the teleporting hero phasing from field to hand whenever she feels like it.

If you don’t know, Kitty Pryde is one of the youngest X-Men on the team, famous for her role in the mutant’s fight against the Mother Mold. As is usually the case in Marvel Snap, her effect matches her comic book powers, with Kitty able to return to the hand with a two-power boost every turn. So, if you were to play Kitty each turn, you could end up with a one-cost eight-power card to throw down on the final turn.

Still, Kitty has her weaknesses. Surprisingly, it’s not Nimrod or Sentinel that Kitty needs to look out for. It’s not even Magneto. Killmonger is the natural enemy of Kitty Pryde in Snap, with the Wakanda warrior destroying all one-cost cards. You can dodge Killmonger with Kitty’s ability, but you need to keep an eye on the action to know when he’s coming.

If you want to pick up Kitty Pryde, you’re going to need a fair few tokens, as the teleporting teen arrives as a series 5 card, available in the token shop for 6,000 credits. While she certainly is a powerful addition to any bounce or zoo deck, we recommend holding off for Kitty to drop down to series 4 in a couple of months, just so you can save your tokens for the big bads.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Marvel Snap’s Kitty Pryde swooping into the game. For more in-game tips and tricks, check out our guides for Marvel Snap cards and Marvel Snap decks, plus our Marvel Snap tier list.