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Marvel Snap’s Krakoa is gone, and our suffering can finally end

Marvel Snap’s Krakoa is out of the game following the most recent balance update, and honestly, we couldn’t be much happier to see it go.

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Following the latest update from Second Dinner, Marvel Snap’s Krakoa is now out of the game, and that sound you can hear is the collective sigh of relief of a card-playing community. Since arriving earlier this year, Krakoa has driven many of us to despair by ruining a game by playing random Marvel Snap cards on turn five, but no more! At least, not for now, anyway.

It’s no surprise to see Krakoa disappear for now, with Second Dinner often eager to listen to community feedback – and community feedback on this one has not been good. In the balance notes on the Marvel Snap site, the developer shared the following message, “With this update, we’re also taking Krakoa out of the game to be redesigned at a future date. Turn 5s everywhere rejoice!” Don’t worry Mister Brode. We are rejoicing.

Still, it is a shame that Krakoa didn’t work the first time. The location deserves a place in Marvel Snap for its importance in the much-celebrate House of X / Powers of X comic series from Dan Hickman. Unfortunately, Krakoa’s ability to take over your hand on turn five is just aggravating, and if the location is ever going to live up to its legendary comic status, it needs a few tweaks for us to properly appreciate it.

As well as the removal of Krakoa in the latest balance update, Doctor Doom fans are crying in their Doom Bot suits following a nerf to the Fantastic Four villain’s clones. It’s great news for fans of Red Skull, Nimrod, and Captain Fury, though, with all three picking up buffs.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the joy we’re feeling following the removal of Marvel Snap’s Krakoa location. To make the most of the locational leaving, check out our Marvel Snap decks and Marvel Snap bundles guides.