Marvel Snap bundles

Marvel Snap bundles are always offering up something interesting, so we’re here to give you the lowdown on what’s coming down the pipeline

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If you’re trying to complete the collection in Second Dinner’s superhero card game, you’re going to need to pick up a few Marvel Snap bundles. These special content packs include all manner of useful things, but they arrive so often that it’s hard to decide what to pick up, or whether to save your gold for the next bundle. So, in this guide, we’ve got all the upcoming shop offerings, as well as a rough value guide to see whether they’re worth your money.

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What are Marvel Snap bundles?

Marvel Snap bundles are special purchasable packs of content you can buy in the store, often including variant cards, avatars, gold, credits, or collector’s tokens. Bundles often feature rare variants, making them especially alluring to those who want to collect as many alternative artworks as possible.

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Upcoming Marvel Snap bundles

If you’re wondering what Marvel Snap bundles are coming up in the near future, you can check out the schedule below.

Marvel Snap Bundle Dates Cost What’s included?  Pocket Tactics’ value rating
Momoko Magic March 1-9 $19.99/£19.99 Peach Momoko Mystique variant and avatar, 1,500 credits, 155 Mystique boosters, 1,500 gold  7/10 if you don’t have Mystique in your collection, 5/10 if you do
More Magic March 1-4 900 gold Mystery variant, 700 collector’s tokens, 65 random boosters, 300 credits 7/10
Token Tuesday  March 7-8  850 gold  800 collector’s tokens, 65 random boosters 6/10 
Rivalry Week March 9-16  4,000 gold  Mister Sinister variant and avatar, Bishop variant and avatar, 155 boosters for each  4/10 (this set is really only worth it if you don’t have one of the base cards or desperately need boosters)
Token Tuesday  March 14-15 650 gold 600 collector’s tokens, 35 random boosters 6/10 
Special Offer March 16-20  700 gold  Mystery variant, 600 collector’s tokens, 200 credits, 65 random boosters 7/10 
Mutant Masterpiece March 15-25 3000 gold Sentinel variant, Forge variant, Angel variant, 155 boosters for each, 1500 credits 6/10 
Token Tuesday  March 21-22  450 gold 400 gold, 15 random boosters 6/10 

Are Marvel Snap bundles worth it?

It’s tricky to say whether Marvel Snap bundles are worth the admission price in an objective way, as individual players have different goals and budgets. What is clear is that these bundles are usually better value for money than buying packs of gold. The Mystique Peach Momoko bundle is the best example, costing the same as a 1,450 gold pack but with 50 extra gold, the variant, an avatar, and 1,500 credits. So, if you’re going to spend on in-game microtransactions, you can get more bang for your buck with Marvel Snap bundles.

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