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Snowguard set to lock down locations in Marvel Snap

Snowguard is Marvel Snap’s latest hero to swoop into the action, with the shapeshifting teen capable of controlling locations on the board.

Screenshot of Marvel Snap's Snowguard loading up an attack

There’s a new hero in Second Dinner’s superpowered card game, with Marvel Snap’s Snowguard sweeping in like an icy tundra. Arriving as a one-cost card, Snowguard services as the ultimate disruptor, with her two potential abilities engaging with locations and keeping your enemy guessing.

If you don’t know, Snowguard is one of the newer heroes from the Marvel pantheon to appear in Snap, with no long history in the comics or MCU appearances to draw from. Still, that doesn’t make this transforming teen any less powerful, with her supernatural ability to turn into arctic wildlife. In Snap, she transforms in the hand, either becoming a bear that triggers the effect of a location or a hawk that cancels out all locations on the following turn.

In terms of suitable decks, Snowguard’s low cost and power (one-cost two-power) suit either a bounce deck or a zoo deck. In a bounce deck, you can use Beast and Hawk to return Snowguard to your hand repeatedly, so you can keep disrupting your opponent with either the hawk or the bear. In terms of a zoo deck, Snowguard gets a buff from Ka-Zar and offers an alternative to the usual Iceman or Nightcrawler play.

Still, it’s worth noting that Snowguard, like all new Marvel Snap cards, arrives in the game at the price of 6000 collector’s tokens in the series five collection. Personally, I think it’s worth holding out on this hero for now, as she doesn’t offer anything particularly revolutionary unless you’re desperately searching for a one-cost card to disrupt your opponent.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Marvel Snap’s Snowguard, the latest hero to touch down in Second Dinner’s CCG. For some in-game tips and tricks, check out our Marvel Snap tier list and Marvel Snap decks guide.