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Marvel Snap tournament sees heroes descend on New York City

Last weekend’s Marvel Snap tournament saw the best content creators land in NYC for a sixteen-player competition, with Thanos making his mark on the event

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Last weekend saw one of the first Marvel Snap tournaments to take place in real life, with the New York Creator Clash bringing together some big streaming names for a proper competition. We know from the MCU that heroes arriving in NYC usually mean an alien invasion, but this time around, it offered some top-tier card game content instead. Thanks, Iron Man.

Organised mostly by Marvel Snap streaming extraordinaire Kawa, and in partnership with tracking app untapped.gg, the Marvel Snap creator clash tournament brought sixteen players together to battle it out for the top place. It’s the first event we’ve seen of its kind, with nearly all other Marvel Snap tournaments taking place online so far.

Hopefully, the success of the creator clash event means more real-life Marvel Snap tournaments in the future, with scope for players who aren’t streaming to join in the fun. Still, thanks to some stellar casting from streamers such as Eggsforsale, DrewBerry, and others, we wouldn’t say no to even more top-level Snap content.

Of course, every competition needs a winner, and it was OrdinaryHarry who took home the winner’s prize thanks to some stellar playing with his Thanos Zoo deck. While the full stream isn’t available to view yet, we recommend keeping an eye on Kawa’s channel, as watching for the in-game tips is worth it alone.

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There you have it, all you need to know about last weekend’s Marvel Snap tournament. For tips to make your deck event ready, check out our Marvel Snap tier list, as well as our Marvel Snap decks and Marvel Snap cards guides.