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Time for a Pym out as the MCoC Quantumania content drops

The Marvel Contest of Champions Quantumania update introduces two new champions to the mobile game - Cassie Lang and Ant-Man (Future)

MCoC Quantumania Cassie Lang posing in her suit

It’s update time again for Marvel Contest of Champions, and the MCoC Quantumania content looks set to keep the good times rolling for the long-standing mobile game. As the name implies, the new influx of content is to do with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, the upcoming Marvel movie.

Naturally, you can expect two new characters to enter the scene, and this time, it’s Cassie Lang and Ant-Man (Future). The former just so happens to be Ant-Man’s daughter, and yes, this means she has access to her father’s famous technology, which allows her to follow in his footsteps.

Meanwhile, Ant-Man (Future) isn’t the man you all know and love. Instead, he’s Dr. Zayn Asghar, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. On the contrary, he wants to end the global crisis in his timeline. Though, perhaps his methods are a little dated.

What is the MCoC Cassie Lang release date?

Cassie Lang is available in-game on February 16.

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What is the MCoC Ant-Man (Future) release date?

The future version of Ant-Man lands in MCoC on March 2.

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