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Spider-Man Supreme swings into MCoC, can you Spot him?

Marvel Contest of Champions’ Spider-Man Supreme and The Spot are due to arrive in the battlerealm, and who knows what chaos may follow

MCoC Spider-Man Supreme posing surrounded by magic

It’s nearly time for two new faces to enter the battlrealm in Marvel Contest of Champions. As ever, Kabam is set to add a new hero and villain, though the good guy is one many of you know well, except this variation swings to all new heights.

Yes, it’s another friendly neighbourhood Spidey that’s inbound, but this time, he’s ready to wield the power of the multiverse as MCoC’s Spider-Man Supreme. For those unfamiliar with this version of the hero, he’s tied to the Spider-Verse, and thanks to the Ancient One, he learns to wield this power in the form of spells and enchantments, making him stronger than ever.

As for the new villain in town, it’s The Spot, though his real name is Jonathan Ohnn, a highly intelligent individual that works with experimental portal technology with the use of darkforce energy. Eventually, he succeeds in creating a solid black circular portal, though it becomes unstable, teleporting Ohnn to the spotted dimension. Upon returning, he discovers he can now hop through space thanks to the black spots that adorn his body.

What is Marvel Contest of Champions’ Spider-Man Supreme release date?

Spider-Man Supreme swings into MCoC on October 6.

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What is Marvel Contest of Champions’ The Spot’s release date?

The Spot enters the battlerealm on October 18.

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