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MCoC goes higher, further, faster with The Marvels

Marvel Contest of Champions’ The Marvels are here to fight for what’s right in the battlerealm, you just have to get the gang back together first.

MCoC The Marvels characters Photon, Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan in front of a midnight blue background

MCoC’s The Marvels update is finally here, allowing you to add the likes of Kamala Khan, Captain Marvel, and Photon to your roster. If you watched the movie, you no doubt want these three badass characters on your team, though there’s one small catch. The Marvel Contest of Champions The Marvels update gives you Kamala for free, but you need to complete some solo objectives with her to unlock her fellow heroes.

Just in case you’re not familiar with these women, allow us to give you a rundown. Kamala Khan was originally a massive fan of Captain Marvel and The Avengers in general when she was a teenager, keen to make a difference herself one day. After Terrigen mists rain down on her hometown of Jersey City, she develops superpowers that allow her to stretch and alter her body in ways that make Mr Fantastic jealous. In MCoC, she’s part of the cosmic class, joining characters such as Venom, Carnage, Magik, and more. Honestly, it’s heroes and villains like this that make Marvel Contest of Champions one of the best Marvel Games.

As for Captain Marvel, whose real name is Carol Danvers, she crash lands on Earth, losing her memories, leading her to become an Air Force pilot. Eventually, the Kree rescue her, teaching her how to harness her new powers. Subsequently, she returns to Earth as one of its most powerful heroes. Unsurprisingly, she’s also part of the cosmic class in MCoC.

Finally, Photon, the most recently added of the three (arriving in-game in August 2023), was originally a patrol officer in the Navy. Then Photon, real name Monica Rambeau, was hit with extra-dimensional energy giving her incredible electromagnetic powers. An interesting fact is that Monica used the mantle of Captain Marvel before Carl Denvers did. Unlike her fellow The Marvels members, Photon falls under the science class.

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All three of these characters are available in-game now, and thanks to the special event with Kamala Khan, it’s never been easier to add Captain Marvel and Photon to your roster. However, if you’re more of a web-slinger, swing on by our list of the best Spider-Man games – your neighborhood needs you. Oh, and if you want to know how good the new movie is, head to our sister site, The Digital Fix, and read their The Marvels review. They describe it as “a comic book movie done right.”