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The best mech games 2024

Mech games are a blast, so we’re getting inside the robot and finding the very best examples of mechanical mayhem on Switch and mobile.

Mech games: A mech from 13 Sentinels outlined in white and pasted on a red PT background

If you want mech games, we have mech games. If shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam teach us anything, it’s that mechs are cool and there’s no need for subtext. Massive robots are just awesome, so don’t think about the implications of such giant weapons. That’s why we’re diving into the best mech games for Switch and mobile. Be careful. You’d better check yourself before you mech yourself.

Before we climb into the cockpit of this guide and use our mech arms to blast information into the side of a moon, be sure to check out the rest of our amazing content. If you’re looking for new games to play, we have articles covering the best Switch adventure games, the best Switch survival games, the best Switch strategy games, and get building with the best Switch simulation games (which is somehow STILL missing The Sims).

Let’s blast off and fly right into our guide on the best mech games for Switch and mobile.

Mech games: a screenshot from Daemon X Machina shows a giant robot attacking another quadruped robot

Daemon X Machina – Switch 

An early addition to the Switch’s library, Demon X Machina is an impressive-looking title that features all of the robot-blasting action you can want. You get to create a custom character, personalize your mech with different weapons and colorways, and join humanity’s last remnants in a fight against AI. At this point, just imagine you’re blasting ChatGPT in its ugly little virtual face.

The art direction in Deamon X Machina is fantastic, with bold mech designs and a vibrant color palette that really makes this title stand out from the pack. You can pick up the demo if you want to try it first, and in even better news, developer Marvelous is currently working on a sequel.

Mech games: a student with blue ahri stands on a roof looking at a giant robot

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – Switch 

So this might not be the action-packed mech title you’re looking for, but you shouldn’t overlook it. 13 Sentinels is a thoughtful and deep narrative adventure interspersed with RTS mech battles, it’s wild, but it works. You control thirteen different characters across different time periods, who are all on a mission to avert the end of the world.

Saying anymore is a disservice, as this is a story you want to experience for yourself. Atlus developed this title, and it fits perfectly onto the Nintendo Switch, which is no surprise as it was originally meant to arrive on the PS Vita as well. Either way, we’re happy the Switch port is this good, and it has all the fantastic writing and melodrama we expect from Atlus, just also with giant robot fights.

You can also find out more in our 13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim Switch review.

Mech games: A menu system breaks down different body parts of a robot

Front Mission 1st Remake – Switch 

Originally developed by Square for the SNES, Front Mission 1st is a modern revamp of the classic turn-based strategy game. It’s set in the far future of 2090, and humanity has split into two warring factions. If you imagine a mixture of Triangle Strategy’s layered maps and the Fallout VATS system, you’re kind of there.

Each mech in Front Mission 1st has four different parts, each with an individual health bar, and which part you attack affects the battle. If an arm is out of commission it can no longer fire, and if you lose a leg, you’re going to be a bit slower. It’s a slower title but one that rewards careful planning and tactics, so it’s well worth a look if you fancy some deviously difficult turn-based combat.

Mech games: a robot is attacking a large blue building while trying to deliver pizza

Pizza Titan Ultra – Switch 

If you’re not in the mood for something serious, this pick just might be the silly slice of action you need. Pizza Titan Ultra is a bizarre mash-up where you deliver piping hot pizza to people while piloting a (you guessed it) mech. Part Gundam and part Paperboy, this is a simplistic but fun title that plonks its tongue very firmly in its cheek.

Try to deliver as much pizza as you can before the timer runs out, all while jumping over buildings and avoiding the deadly blasts of aliens and enemy tanks. You can also choose between special ‘Ultra Moves’ in each level, so it’s up to you how you want to tackle each level. It’s more thin crust than a deep dish, but there’s still a good slice of fun to be had here in between all the cheesy jokes.

Mech games: an isometric view shows robots attacking bugs

Into the Breach – Switch and mobile 

I don’t know many people who know and play Into the Breach, but everyone I speak to (myself included) absolutely adores this game. A time-traveling roguelike, you must drop in a mech into turn-based isometric battles to stop the end of the world from giant space bugs. With its sharp pixel art and isometric style, this tactical entry looks and feels great to play.

What separates Into The Breach is a mixture of masterful tactical combat, with a really challenging difficulty. Matches can be over in as many as five or six rounds, but each and every action from your robots is crucial in survival. Lose, and you’re going back in time to start it all over again. Humanity only has this one chance, and they’re willing to repeat it until they get it right. Plus, this title plays fantastically on Switch and mobile, so pick it up wherever it feels best.

Mech games: a 5v5 match is taking place, where every player controls a different mech

Mech Arena – mobile 

If you’re looking to blast robot parts with your pals, this is a fantastic pick. Mech Arena is a 5v5 arena shooter (not unlike Overwatch) that lets you pilot your very own mech. You choose the class, the parts, and customize your mech however you choose, with an array of weapons and colorways you can unlock.

The games are quick and breezy, but with so many different options, there’s a lot of room for building your favorite loadout. Plus, it runs great on mobile or PC, and it doesn’t require too much from either system. This is a great option if you just want to hop into a few lighthearted games with pals and unlock fun stuff along the way.

Well, that’s all we have for our mech games guide for now, folks, but be sure to stick around at Pocket Tactics for all the latest and greatest Switch and mobile content. For more great game recommendations, make sure you read our guide covering the best Switch fighting games.