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Pre-registration opens for Netmarble’s mobile game Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City pre-registration is now live, as Netmarble’s latest title lets eager players purchase buildings in the metaverse

Meta World: My City pre-registration: a screenshot from the mobile game Meta World: My City shows a top-down view of a virtual city

Netmarble’s latest title, the metaverse board game Meta World: My City, is now available for pre-registrations ahead of its full launch later this year. A virtual property game, Meta World allows players to get onto the property ladder and purchase virtual real estate while building investments. It’s also a sequel to the popular title Let’s Get Rich, which has a player base of over 200 million. So, Meta World: My City pre-registration is exciting news for all budding virtual developers.

Meta World: My City is currently available to pre-register on Google Play and the App Store, and doing so provides in-game items such as seasonal character summon tickets and gold. Meanwhile, developer Netmarble is also running promotional campaigns to celebrate opening pre-registration, as players who share the official announcement or share content about the launch with the hashtag #MetaWorld have a chance to win an epic character card for Beatrice, seasonal character summon tickets, and diamonds.

That’s not all, however, as Netmarble also promises that if Meta World: My City reaches one million pre-registrations, the developer will reward players with even more items, which you can find below. If you enjoyed Let’s Get Rich, there is a lot to love about Meta World: My City, and developer Netmarble is keen to reward players who jump on early.

Is Meta World: My City pre-registration open?

Yes, Meta World: My City pre-registration is now available on the Google Play store and the App Store. Players that pre-register will earn exclusive rewards, and if pre-registration reaches one million users, all pre-registered players will earn even more rewards.

What are the Meta World: My City pre-registration rewards?

Players who pre-register for Meta World: My City earn:

  • Seasonal character summon tickets
  • Gold

Meanwhile, if one million users pre-register Meta World: My City, all pre-registered players are set to earn the following rewards including:

  • Multiple in-game items
  • Exclusive avatar costume sets
  • Gold
  • Character summon tickets
  • Seulgi character card

That’s it for now folks, but check back for all the latest updates on Netmarble’s exciting new title Meta World: My City. If you’re looking for great guides to read next, be sure to check out our content covering Poppy Playtime characters, Poppy Playtime Mommy Long Legs, and FNAF characters.