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Microsoft mobile studio meets its maker in latest round of closures

Mobile game Mighty Doom announces its closure after its parent companies Microsoft and Bethesda axe Alpha Dog Studios and three others.

Mighty Doom closure: Mini Slayer Doom Guy with a teardrop emoji on his face, outlined in white and pasted on a blurredd Hi Fi Rush background

Alpha Dog Studios, one of Microsoft’s mobile-focused developers, announced Mighty Doom’s closure and sunsetting yesterday after Microsoft and Bethesda decided to shut the studio down. The two companies are also closing three other studios to reportedly focus on “high-impact titles”.

Based on his internal email to Xbox Game Studios staff, company head Matt Booty apparently doesn’t consider the adorable yet ultra-violent Mighty Doom – one of the best top-down games on mobile – to be “best positioned for success”, leading to the app’s sunsetting and the closure of Alpha Dog Studios. The relatively small but dedicated fan base expressed their disappointment and sadness in the replies to the game’s announcement tweet.

Another studio on the chopping block is Hi-Fi Rush’s Tango Gameworks, leading us to wonder if the previously reported Switch port is still possible. The other two companies affected, Arkane Austin and Roundhouse, maintain some connection to Bethesda and Microsoft, with some Arkane staff and the entire Roundhouse team getting folded into the Elder Scrolls Online department, but there’s no news on what this means for the other devs’ futures.

When is Mighty Doom shutting down?

Alpha Dog Studios announced that Mighty Doom is shutting down on August 7, 2024. You can no longer purchase in-game currency and if you would like a refund on your existing purchases, you can apply for one via this link.

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