Minecraft houses

Learn everything you need to turn Minecraft houses into Minecraft homes

A house in Minecraft

Making Minecraft houses is hard. If, like us, you lack even the most basic architectural competence, then designing a Minecraft house that looks nice – and isn’t literally a box – is quite the trial. But great Minecraft houses aren’t just for the architecturally endowed – kind strangers from across the internet share their Minecraft house designs on a regular basis. And we’ve snapped them up.

There are so many different Minecraft houses to choose from – do you want a cozy cave house? A beautiful aesthetic cottage? Or simply a starter home? Minecraft houses truly represent the limitless imagination of the people playing the game, forever forging new and exciting designs, forever pushing the limits of what you can build with blocks.

So which of the Minecraft houses is for you? Well, hopefully this guide gives you a few ideas as to what you might like to build. Think of our Minecraft houses guide as a picture-board – a selection of our favourite ideas and designs to help you turn your Minecraft house into a Minecraft home.

how to make minecraft houses

Knowing how to make Minecraft houses, or even where to start the building process is very tough. That’s why, in each entry below, we’ve included some of our favourite step-by-step videos showing you how to make perfect Minecraft houses.


Who wouldn’t want a picturesque Minecraft house in the mountains? Minecraft mountain houses are built into hillsides, or else, are open, featuring grand vistas right outside the window. The most important thing to remember when building Minecraft houses in the mountains, however: pick somewhere with a good view!


Aesthetic Minecraft houses are a lot of things – cozy winter chalets, retro vintage houses, or in this case, a Japanese-style pagoda. Minecraft lets you build anything, after all, so why settle for aesthetic Minecraft houses that are boring – dream big, and chances are someone out there has already built your dream Minecraft house for you.


Nothing says Minecraft cave houses more than a Hobbit hole, with snug rooms, and low ceilings. But Minecraft cave houses come in many varieties, whether it’s a hive-like home hanging from a cave wall, or a house actually built in the Nether. There are tonnes of options, but the key with Minecraft cave houses is making sure they’re hostile-proof.

minecraft starter houses

Everyone begins somewhere, and Minecraft starter houses offer easy-to-build templates based upon procurable materials. But that doesn’t mean Minecraft starter houses are dull. On the contrary, it’s amazing what’s made with minimal, elegant architecture, and some floral decoration.

YouTube Thumbnail


Building doesn’t always have to be a complicated thing. Sometimes you just want something that simply looks good, but also isn’t ridiculously complicated to make. Like the one above, there are tonnes of wooden designs that are beautiful, and not too hard to put into practice, no matter your experience level with building.


There are lots of nice houses in Minecraft, but our personal favourite is the classic Minecraft treehouse. There’s something so satisfying about being high up in the air, surrounded by a beautiful canopy of green. Minecraft treehouses also have a natural defence against roaming hostiles, so are both pretty and functional.

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The final frontier, underground! If you fancy keeping your belongings below the surface, this fantastic guide shows you how to make your very own underground house. Keep some glass blocks handy so you can keep an eye on what’s going on above! We can really get down with this idea.

And those are all the Minecraft Houses we have! If you’d like to build one of them for yourself, you can download Minecraft on Google Play and the App Store. Also be sure to see our best mobile RPGs list if you want more games like Minecraft!