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Minecraft download for Switch, mobile, and PC

Learn how to Minecraft download no matter what your platform of choice is, whether the Switch, mobile, or PC, so you can get creative and bash some zombies.

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This guide will teach you how to perform a Minecraft download on either Nintendo Switch, PC, or mobile depending on what platform you prefer to play on. So, if you’re yet to give the infamously blocky game a try for yourself, or you just want to jump back into the cuboid realm, you’re in luck.

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Without further ado, here’s how to perform a Minecraft download on Switch, PC, and mobile.

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How do I download Minecraft on Nintendo Switch?

Installing Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch is pretty simple. All you need to do is visit the Nintendo eShop, search for Minecraft, purchase it, and then opt to download it. As easy as that.

How do I download Minecraft on Android devices?

If you’re an Android user, you need to visit Google Play to access app downloads. Here you can search for Minecraft, click on it, and then tap the install button on its game page.

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How do I download Minecraft on iOS?

Just like with Android, you need to go to the respective storefront for iOS devices, the App Store, search for Minecraft, visit its page, and then give that lovely download button a tap.

How do I download Minecraft on PC?

To play Minecraft on PC, just head over to the Microsoft Store, where you can look it up, purchase it, and then opt to install it on your desktop. Or, you can visit the official Minecraft website and buy it from there.

There you have it, everything you need to know to perform a Minecraft download. For some similar yet different to play, you can check out our games like Minecraft list, and if you’re intent on remaining in the block-world, we have plenty of freebies with our lists of Roblox game codes.