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Angry Birds soar into Minecraft in the latest collaboration

You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry… The smash-hit mobile title joins in the Minecraft fun with the exciting new Minecraft Angry Birds DLC collaboration

minecraft angry birds DLC: the birds from angry birds appear in the minecraft world

Well, there have been a few interesting collaborations in Minecraft recently, but the Minecraft Angry Birds DLC could be one of the weirdest. At one point in time it was the biggest mobile game in the world, Angry Birds seems to have seeped into the cultural consciousness, and now we have two Angry Birds movies, I suppose an appearance in Minecraft only makes sense.

The new Minecraft Angry Birds DLC actually seems to bring over a lot of what makes Angry Birds fun, as you play as the titular fuming feathered friends and go on an adventure to find the pigs that have stolen your eggs. Mixed in with platforming and collecting eggs are some slingshot sequences where you hurl those birds straight into the faces of those stupid pigs, and their poorly built houses.

Slowly, you unlock more of the birds from the games, and along with them, new abilities just like in the games. There are few things as satisfying as lobbing those birds at the pigs and their rubbish little structures, so we look forward to seeing how well this translates into Minecraft. This latest DLC comes not long after the amazing Minecraft Sonic The Hedgehog DLC from last year, so we look forward to seeing what comes next. Minecraft The Legend of Zelda DLC anyone?

Watch the trailer below and see how Red and the gang look when transported to the blocky world of Minecraft.

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When can I play the Minecraft Angry Birds DLC?

The Minecraft Angry Birds DLC is available right now, and is ready for purchase from the Minecraft marketplace today.

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