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Beloved actor Jack Black to star in the Minecraft movie

It’s official, Jack Black is playing Steve in the Minecraft movie, confirming rumors from early this year that we hoped would come true.

Minecraft movie - Jack Black's head on Steve's body

As previous rumors suggested, Jack Black is indeed in the cast of the Minecraft movie, alongside Jason Momoa and Danielle Brooks among others. The long-awaited adaptation of Mojang’s smash hit game releases next year.

Jack Black sparked rumors of him being part of the cast himself by posting a selfie of him reading a ‘Minecraft Basics’ book. Well, he’s done it again, this time posting a short video of a rainbow, which then sweeps down to show a sign on his trailer door showing the name Steve, and the Minecraft logo – seemingly confirming he is in the movie as the classic character.

Allegedly, Jason Momoa also has a lead role – but if he’s not Steve, we’re not sure who it could be. Perhaps it’s a new character made for the film that meets Steve in the blocky world and asks for his help. The plot of the movie is currently unknown, so we’ll need to wait and see what it’s all about.

Jack Black is no stranger to the gaming world. Last year, he wowed us as Bowser in the Super Mario Bros Movie, and he’s part of the cast for the upcoming Borderlands movie as well. He seems to be a bit of a gamer himself judging by his YouTube channel, Jablinski Games, where he even has a collab video with Pewdiepie from 2020, where they play some chaotic Minecraft together.

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When is the Minecraft movie release date?

The Minecraft movie releases in theaters in April 2025. It’s directed by Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre fame, so you can tell it’s going to be a funny one. Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures, and Vertigo Entertainment are on board alongside Mojang to make it a reality.

As the release date draws near, maybe we’ll get a Minecraft-centric song from Jack Black, too, like the excellent Peaches he performed for 2023’s Super Mario Bros Movie.

In the meantime, here’s what we know about the Legend of Zelda movie that’s in the works. Plus, why not jump back into the game when the next Minecraft update comes out, and hunt some Minecraft diamonds to make some snazzy armor?