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Best Minecraft games

Here is our list of the best Minecraft games to bust your boredom of the basic block building, and introduce a fresh new way to play.

Minecraft games: a player standing on top of a block holding a sword

Minecraft is the biggest game in the world and has been for some time, so players are constantly finding fun ways to experiment with it, and that’s where our best Minecraft games guide comes in. Through mods, official in-game modes, and just some fun twists to the rules, Minecraft players are behind some amazing games that have become famous in their own right.

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Here are our picks of the best Minecraft games.

best Minecraft games: a Minecraft minigame is visible where players have built an impressive bear from blocks

Build Battle

This one does what it says on the tin, but can be a real blast with some like-minded friends. A timer is set, and in creative mode, players must quickly build the most impressive structure they can. It’s a real test of your skills and a great way to show off just how quickly you can create things after countless deaths in survival.

Finally, all the users vote on the most impressive build (this can be the tricky part, as you have to make sure everyone else is playing fair), and then you can claim your crown as the king of building!

best Minecraft games: a minecraft game of hide and seek is visible, with text saying "you are a hider"

Hide and Seek

You can’t beat a bit of hide and seek. This childhood game inevitably made its way to Minecraft, and it works brilliantly with the large open worlds, especially with the cliffs and coves added in later updates.

Certain mods even allow players to take on the appearance of natural blocks, or materials like wood and brick, so you can sneakily blend into your surroundings and confuse the seeker even more. It might be old, but it still has plenty of potential for fun.

best Minecraft games: a minecraft minigame is visible, with 12 players entering an arena like in the movie Hunger Games

Hunger Games

One of the most popular Minecraft games of all time, Hunger Games in Minecraft was a viral phenomenon back when it first hit the scene in 2012. 12 players enter the arena with one rule, kill or be killed. Unleashed into a limited map, players can only forage and cannot build blocks, instead just relying on survival instincts and fighting to make it through to the end. While you can find some materials and chests dotted around to craft weapons, this is going to be brutal.

In some versions of the game, killed players can become sponsors and, when they’re beaten, can choose to float around surviving players and drop items for them to use, gently encouraging their favorite remaining players into the final fray between the remaining two characters. It’s a real blast still, even if it isn’t quite as popular, but changes like the number of players have kept things fresh over the years.

best Minecraft games: a Minecraft minigame is visible with a player defending a small bed on a series of floating islands

Bed Wars

16 players in four teams of four stand on floating islands and must work to be the last team standing. Here it’s a game of defending your beds so players can respawn, while cautiously building platforms and collecting resources like diamonds to make or buy armor and buffs for your team.

This is another game that’s a smash sensation online, with players like Technoblade leading the charge in video content in this mode. It’s high risk and high reward, as it’s very easy to fall to your death, so good luck!

best Minecraft games: a Minecraft minigame is shown where players shovel snow out from underneath each other, dropping them into lava


Whether it’s flaming hot lava or a bed of spikes, Spleef is all about forcing your opponent to fall into a deadly pit by destroying snow blocks beneath your feet in one small arena. If you’ve played Fall Guys, you might have a good idea of how to do well here!

Make sure you keep moving, and it’s probably better if you don’t go all out on the offensive. Sometimes it’s easier to sit back and watch other players eliminate themselves. This is a particularly frantic minigame that can be a real thrill with some good friends.

best Minecraft games: a minecraft minigame is visible with huge walls setting apart different areas, with the text "Game has begun!" visible

The Walls

A fantastic four-player mode that takes inspiration from Hunger Games, as each of the four players is put into a separate corner of a small map, separated by four gigantic walls. Players have a set amount of time to gather resources, craft weapons, and get ready for the coming conflict before a lever is pulled and all the walls disappear.

It’s a fight to the death in the wilderness and a great way to show off your building skills as well as some good old scraping. Hypixel still has a version of the original game, though newer versions like Mega Walls often use a lot more players and a bigger map.

There we have it, players, our breakdown of the best Minecraft games out there right now. If you love blocks of every kind, why not check out our guide to the best Lego gaming sets or some Mario Lego sets here.