Miner’s Haven codes – free collectibles, cash, and more

Boost your game in Miner’s Haven using these cool codes

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October 27, 2021: We checked for new Miner’s Haven codes

If you’re a fan of base building, Miner’s Haven may be the Roblox game for you. As the largest sandbox tycoon title of its type, you have complete control to play how you like. Use over 1,000 unique items, collaborate with friends, craft, and build to your heart’s content. And with such a huge range of options at your disposal, wouldn’t a couple of freebies to help you along be great?

That’s where we come in. We’ve gathered this list of Miner’s Haven codes to make sure you zip to the top of that leader board and have the coolest base around. We will be updating this list frequently, so be sure to check back in to see if there are any new freebies you can snag.

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Miner’s Haven code list

Active codes:

  • LETSGOOO – cake raffle box
  • whatayear – magnificent box
  • KaBOOOOM – rocket launcher (one life use)
  • RestEasyNow – Yoda collectible
  • MakeYourDestiny – five blobcat plushie collectibles
  • HeadStart – 100,000 cash
  • DragonThatIsShockinglyLucky – oof particles
  • mysoupisaboy – 20 blobcat wall collectibles
  • EXOTICDAY2020 – five clown doge collectibles
  • SLUMBER – ore gielder collectible
  • Rthro – heavenly infuser
  • twelvetosixteen – five blobcat blanket collectibles
  • BagelHeart – five blobcat dab collectibles
  • YesItIsNostalgicToMe – heavenly conveyor collectibles
  • ancientcode – ten ancient conveyors
  • restoredata – restore game data
  • resetunreals – reset unreals

Expired codes:

We don’t have any expired Miner’s Haven codes yet.

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What are Miner’s Haven codes?

Miner’s Haven codes are gifts given out by the developer, Berezza Games, usually in the form of collectables or materials. New codes are generated when the game reaches certain milestones, or during holiday periods such as Halloween or the New Year. We will add new codes to this list as they drop, so keep coming back if you want more.

How do I redeem my Miner’s Haven codes?

Redeeming your Miner’s Haven codes is easy! Simply follow the steps below.

  • Launch the game
  • Go to the settings tab on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Scroll down to the redeem codes section
  • Tap on the input bar and type in your code
  • Hit claim
  • Enjoy your freebies!

If you want to join the fun in Miner’s Haven, you can head over to the App Store or Google Play to download Roblox and try it for free today.

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