Jailbreak codes

Snag a bunch of free goodies and get out of jail free in this fun Roblox experience, with the help of our list of all the latest Jailbreak codes

Jailbreak codes - Roblox Jailbreak character being tazed by a police officer

November 16, 2022: We checked for new Jailbreak codes

Jailbreak is the ultimate Roblox game of cops and robbers. But to do anything in the world you’re going to need money. That’s where Jailbreak codes come in. Once redeemed, these in-game rewards net you a tidy sum of cash that can be used to buy fast cars, powerful guns, and even rent your own apartment – not that you’ll have much time for resting!

After all, there are robbers to catch and criminal capers to commit. Our list of Jailbreak codes can help you make the most of the game, giving you that little extra cash boost so you don’t have to farm currency as much. What’s more, we’ll update this list when new codes release. Great deal, huh?

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here are the latest jailbreak codes

Active codes:

There are currently no active Jailbreak codes. Check back later!

Expired list:

  • privatejet
  • TOW
  • museum
  • WinterUpdate2021
  • fall2021
  • memes
  • summervibes
  • 4years
  • march2021
  • doggo
  • cargo
  • countdown
  • onehour
  • stayhealthy
  • minimustang
  • feb2020
  • Winter
  • FALL2020
  • Balance
  • 5Days

Robloxians escape from a jail being pursued by a police helicopter

what are jailbreak codes?

Jailbreak codes are free rewards that the game’s developer gives out to players. These codes contain cash that you can use to buy pretty much anything in Jailbreak’s world. Be sure to check our list regularly so you don’t miss any!

how do i redeem my codes?

Redeeming your Jailbreak codes requires a different process to most other Roblox games. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the game
  • Now you need to find an ATM. There are plenty dotted around, but your best bet is the train station
  • The ATM looks like a cash machine with a blue screen showing a Twitter bird symbol
  • Walk up to the machine and a redeem code box will appear
  • Copy one of our Jailbreak codes into the box
  • Enjoy your rewards!

where can i get more jailbreak codes?

We add new codes to this guide as soon as we find them, so bookmarking this page and checking back regularly is a great way to snag all the freebies. Other than that, you can follow the developer on Twitter or join the official Discord, where you can find announcements about new content, boosts, and more.

If you want to play Jailbreak for yourself you can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store.