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Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes - free mounts, pets, and more

Soar into the fairy realm in this beautiful MMORPG with a heap of great goodies, from epic mounts to gorgeous cosmetics, with our Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes

A Mirage: Perfect Skyline character holding her hand up

May 31, 2022: We checked for new Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes

Do you dream of becoming a demon or god? Well, in Mirage: Perfect Skyline, the choice is in your hands. In this mobile MMORPG based on a war between gods and demons, you get to pick from eight unique classes, battle in the multiplayer PVP arena of Sarichiaee, and fly around a beautiful, 3D fairy realm, embarking on an epic quest to fight off the evil that has attacked your world.

But the path of cultivation is long and arduous, regardless of the path you pick – which is why we’re here to help. With our Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes, you’ll soar into this fresh, exciting world, with heaps of upgrade materials, jade, pets, mounts, and more in hand. Be sure to check back, as we’ll update this guide with new codes as they come out.

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Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes

Active codes:

  • Mirage1 – 20 Pri. God Psyche, two Brutal Might, two Vitality’s Mightx, 500 Sycees
  • Iamthebest99 – 200 Sycees, ten Pri Enhance Gem
  • Mirage2 – 20 Mount Advance Orb, two Black Kylin Spirit, two Nether Tiger Spirit, 500 Sycees
  • MIRAGEFB – 200 Sycees, ten Pri Enhance Gem
  • Hello2022 – 500k Gold, 100 B. Jade, 500 Sycees
  • Perfect – 20 Pri. Armament Essence, two Haunt Bead, two Bloodlust Bead, 500 Sycees
  • Skyline – 20 Pri. Sword Spirit Essence, two Auric Sword Spirit, two Redlight Sword Spirit, 500 Sycees
  • Discordxmirage – 100 B. Jade, ten Pri. Wings Essence
  • MIRAGE10000 – 500 B. Jade, five Dragon Key, 200 Sycees, 100k Gold
  • MIRAGE30000 – Pet Egg, six Dragon Key, 500 Sycees, 150k Gold
  • MIRAGE50000 – KF94 3ply Facemask, eight Dragon Key, 1,000 Sycees, 200k Gold
  • Hathatday – 20 Pri. Armament Essence, 20 Haunt Bead, two Bloodlust Bead, 200 Sycees
  • JOINMPS – 20 Pri. Wings Essence, 200 B. Jade, 300 Sycees
  • MIRAGEPS22 – 1000 Sycess, 20 Pri. Pet Biscuit
  • MIRAGE456 – 500k Gold, 1,000 Sycees, 10 Dragon Key
  • MIRAGE666 – 100 B. Jade, ten Pri. Wings Essence
  • MIRAGE1314 – 20 Pri. God Psyche, three Brutal Might, three Vitality’s Might, 500 Sycees
  • MIRAGE2021 – two Black Kylin Spirit, 15 Mount Advance Orb
  • MIRAGE100000 – Nurturing Talent Outfit and Weapons, nine Dragon Key, 2000 Sycees, 500k Gold
  • MIRAGE3000 – one million Gold, 2000 Sycees, ten Pri. Enhance Gem, ten Mount Advance Orb
  • MIRAGE80000 – School Bike, eight Dragon Key, 1500 Sycees, 300k Gold

Expired codes:

  • Dunsmoke
  • WeLuvEarth
  • CatRespect
  • Puzzletime
  • Hugmyluv
  • Greatfriday
  • Weworktoday
  • 1stquarter
  • EyouCat
  • Familyday
  • iloveyou
  • MIRAGE10000
  • MIRAGE30000
  • MIRAGE50000
  • MIRAGE80000
  • MIRAGE100000

Mirage: Perfect Skyline character stood with a sword in front of a war-torn dark landscape

What are Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes?

Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes are freebies given out by EYOUGAME to help you on your journey through the fairy realm. They take the form of a variety of cool stuff, from mounts to skins and currency. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time to snag all the latest Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes.

How do I redeem my Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes?

Redeeming your Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Mirage: Perfect Skyline
  • Tap the plus icon at the top right of the screen
  • Head to the settings tab
  • Click the redeem button on the right side of the menu
  • Type in your code
  • Hit claim rewards
  • Enjoy your goodies!

And that’s it for our Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes. For more multiplayer magic, head to our list of the best mobile MMORPGs, or the best mobile games of 2022.