Mobile Legends free heroes list: weekly rotation and how to get free heroes

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Mobile Legends‘ free heroes rotate on a weekly basis, which means that you can test a select number of heroes that you haven’t currently unlocked without spending a penny. But which heroes are currently available as part of the free rotation, we hear you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we created this guide for, to give you visibility on the new batch of free heroes.

Not only that, but we want to help you discover ways of earning heroes for free by yourself, and a big section of this guide is dedicated to that. While we can’t promise that you’ll never have to spend a penny to get everything you want in Mobile Legends, we will strive to help you get by as much as possible for free.

Also, chances are that if you’ve found this page you’re interested in Mobile Legends. We’ve put together some great content for you, including a Mobile Legends guide, which will help get you started, and more specific guides on Mobile Legends new hero, and a Mobile Legends characters tier list. Enjoy!

Here are the free Mobile Legends heroes:


Fascinated with lightning from a young age, Eudora harnesses the powers of the storm to decimate her foes.

Skills Effects
Superconductor Eudora’s skills inflict the target with the Superconductor effect that makes them take extra damage from her skills
Forked Lightning Eudora casts forked lightning to deal damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of her
Electric Arrow Eudora stuns an enemy with a bolt of lightning
Thunderstruck Eudora summons a great storm of lightning, dealing damage to the target


Wielding a longbow blessed by the power of the Moon God, Miya protects her allies with arrows powered by the very stars themselves.

Skills Effects
 Turbo Each time Miya’s basic attack hits a target, her attack speed is increased
 Fission Shot Miya splits her basic attack into two arrows
 Rain of Arrows Miya shoots a barrage of arrows towards a designated area, dealing sustained damage. Enemies who are hit by multiple arrows are frozen
 Turbo Stealth Miya removes all debuffs and conceals herself temporarily, increasing her movement and attack speed


A former slave of the Blood Demons, the orc Balmond is the fiercest warrior in the orc tribe.

Skills Effects
Bloodthirst Balmond recovers HP upon killing enemies
 Soul Lock Balmond charges forward and deals damage to enemy units along the way
 Cyclone Sweep Balmond continuously deals damage to nearby enemies
Lethal Counter Balmond deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him


An entirely artificial soldier created using cutting-edge technology, Saber can travel between dimensions to face his enemies.

Skills Effects
 Enemy’s Bane Saber’s damage reduces his opponent’s physical defence
 Flying Sword Saber summons flying swords, which spin around him to deal damage
 Charge Saber charges towards a designated place, dealing damage to enemies along the way
 Triple Sweep Saber attacks an enemy hero, knocking them into the air and dealing damage


Training at the Temple of Light for many years, Alucard is an expert demon hunter.

Skills  Effects
Pursuit Alucard’s basic attack is enhanced after using skills
 Groundsplitter Alucard jumps to a designated location, dealing damage to enemies within the area of effect and slowing them down
 Whirling Smash Alucard deals damage to nearby enemies
 Fission Wave Alucard locks onto an enemy and deals damage, increasing his lifesteal effect. He can use this skill again to fire a powerful attack foward, dealing damage to enemies


When Bruno lost his legs in a tragic incident, the scholars of Antoinerei set about creating synthetic replacements.

Skills Effects
Mecha Legs Each time Bruno’s skills cause damage, his critical chance is increased
 Volley Shot Bruno enhances his next basic attack, and can enhance it once more by picking up the energy ball
 Flying Tackle Bruno makes a forward sliding tackle and stuns any enemies he hits
Wave of the World Bruno kicks an energy ball at a designated target, dealing damage and knocking them back. The ball then ricochets off enemy heroes and damages them


On his home planet, Cyclops is considered a giant.

Skills Effects
Starlit Hourglass When Cyclops casts a skill and hits enemies, all of his cooldowns  are reduced
 Stardust Shock Cyclops casts two shock waves of stardust forwards, dealing damage to his enemy
 Planets Attack Cyclops generates a starlit sphere spinning around him, which attacks nearby enemies
 Star Power Lockdown Cyclops creates a gigantic magic sphere to chase his enemy, dealing damage and immobilizing them


Hilda is an experienced hunter and mercenary with a fierce reputation.

Skills Effects
 Blessing of Wilderness When entering bushes, or while her HP is low, Hilda’s HP regeneration speed increases
 Combat Ritual Hilda increases her movement speed and enhances her next basic attack
 Art of Hunting Hilda locks onto an enemy target, dealing damage. You can unleash this skill three times
 Power of Wildness Hilda deals damage to a designated enemy hero and nearby units

how often do mobile legends free heroes rotate?

Mobile Legends free heroes rotate on a weekly basis, and we’ll update this guide each time they do.

how do I earn free heroes in mobile legends?

There are myriad ways of earning free heroes in Mobile Legends, so you don’t have to worry about splashing the cash if you don’t want to.

Here are the various ways to earn Mobile Legends free heroes:

Login rewards

When you first start playing Mobile Legends, you can earn a bunch of free heroes simply by logging in. Provided you log in at least six of the first ten days, you can get your hands on a whopping five free predetermined heroes. Login for a seventh and you can choose from one of three skins, too.

Battle points

You can purchase the vast majority of heroes with Battle Points, a currency in Mobile Legends that you can use to purchase new heroes.

You can earn Battle Points for free, and we’ll list the numerous methods of doing so below, but it’s important to be aware that you can only earn 8,000 from battling per week.

How do I get free Battle Points in Mobile Legends?

Here’s how to get free Battle Points:

  • Daily Medal Chest: you can open your Daily Medal Chest once per day (unsurprisingly), which provides you with between 200-250 Battle Points
  • Daily Free Chests: you can open two Free Chests per day, earning between 40-50 Battle Points per chest
  • Daily Quests: you can complete a certain number of Daily Quests each day, which all contribute activity points. You earn Battle Points at 30, 60, 95, and 130 activity points respectively for a grand total of 230 Battle Points per day
  • Weekly Activity Score: if you manage to accumulate 800 activity points in a particular week, you can earn 500 extra Battle Points
  • Battles: the number of Battle Points you earn from matches depends entirely on your performance, but that’s not what’s most important here. You want to play enough each week that you hit your weekly threshold of 800 points. Perform well, and you’ll get there faster, but it’s more important that you get there in the first place
  • Events: you can earn a considerable number of free Battle Points from events, like the ‘New Recruits Level Rewards’, which is exclusive to new players. Reach level 12 and you can pick up a whopping 3,000 Battle Points

How many Battle Points can I expect to earn in a week?

Here’s a breakdown of the total number of Battle Points you can expect to earn per week if you fulfill the above requirements:

  • Daily Medal Chests: 1,400 – 1,750
  • Daily Free Chests: 560 – 700
  • Daily Quests: 1,610
  • Weekly Activity Score: 500
  • Battles: 8,000

That gives us a grand total of: 12,070 – 12,560 Battle Points per week, provided you do everything. This number, of course, doesn’t take into account any additional Battle Points you may earn from future events.

What’s the most efficient method of spending Battle Points?

Lastly, while earning maximum Battle Points per week is the first half of the battle, we also want to discuss how you can make the most of the Battle Points you already own.

So, say there’s a specific Mobile Legends hero that you want to unlock, and you’ve saved up enough Battle Points to purchase it. Do you do so right away? Well, perhaps not. You see, heroes regularly go on sale in Mobile Legends, and you can save a considerable number of Battle Points if you only purchase your desired heroes when they’re going cheap.

Sure, that does require patience, but you can end up getting two heroes for the price of one.

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