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Mobile Legends hacks - what to look out for in-game

Learn to report cheaters and stay alert with these safeguarding tips

Nobody likes a cheater, especially not Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends. Getting caught using hacks in Mobile Legends can result in your entire account being terminated, meaning any progress you’ve made is permanently deleted. The most common hack is the map hack that allows players to see hidden characters. This makes specific heroes feel useless when someone can simply negate their primary abilities. There’s also cracked APKs that promise unlimited diamonds, but this hack will also get your account banned instantly.

Another aspect of Mobile Legends hacks doesn’t have anything to do with playing in-game, and is focused purely on the security of your account. If you’ve ever tried to log in and noticed that your password doesn’t work, your account has most likely been compromised. We will cover all the steps you need to take to ensure this never happens to you.

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Avoiding hacks

If you ever see a website boasting about a Mobile Legends APK that unlocks unlimited diamonds and battle points, this is exactly the type of thing that will get your account banned. These hacks claim to work, but they will get your account shut down within hours.

Moonton is very good at stopping hackers from disrupting games, and they are even faster at banning people who attempt to unlock unlimited diamonds. Don’t fall for these scams – this is a guaranteed way to lose your account forever.

Found a hacker in mythic rank. Please get this post some recognition so he can get banned from mobilelegends

Detecting in-game hacks

As mentioned earlier, the most common method of in-game hacking comes in the form of a map hack. These map hacks are found primarily on Android devices through cracked APKs, though you usually won’t find something like this on Google Play. It’s particularly difficult to judge whether or not someone is cheating, especially in a high-skilled game like Mobile Legends where players are adept at predicting their opponent’s moves.

Make sure to study any gameplay you’ve captured of the suspected cheater in order to rule out the possibility that you were simply outplayed. It’s a lot more common than people think, and it’s worth double checking to avoid wasting the developer’s time on a false report.

Reporting hackers

There are two ways of reporting players. The first method appears in-game at the end of every match. This method is by far the easiest and most efficient way to report players as Moonton has all the information it needs in one place. The second method involves reporting the players on Reddit, but you’ll need a lot of information in order to back up your claim.

Here’s how to report hackers in Mobile Legends:

  • At the end of a match, you should see a red exclamation mark with the word Report underneath it
  • Pressing this button will allow you to highlight any of the nine other players who took part in the match
  • Select the red exclamation mark next to the cheating player’s hero
  • When presented with the four options, select ‘Using Cheat’
    If your suspicions were correct, the player should be banned soon enough

Prevent your account from being stolen

One of the easiest ways scammers steal Mobile Legend accounts is through hacked apps. If you’ve ever tried an app that promises to give you unlimited diamonds, you may have given your account details directly to a scammer. As we mentioned earlier, if these hacks do work, Moonton will ban you, and if they don’t, a scammer will have access to your account.

There are ways scammers can gain access to your account even if you haven’t done anything wrong, so you need to safeguard your account to avoid this happening. One of the best things you can do is set up two-step authentication on your email account. This will stop scammers from being able to access your account even if they happen to know your exact password.

Suspected cheaters/hackers. I hope the devs investigate this. from MobileLegendsGame

Once a scammer has access to your account, typically they’ll bind it with one of their own social media accounts. This creates an awkward situation for the scammed player as their password no longer factors in the equation – the account will now be accessible through the social media links. If this happens to you, contact Moonton’s customer service in-game to request that they unbind the social media accounts.

A preventative measure you can take is to bind your own social media accounts to your Mobile Legends account. It’s impossible to unbind a social media account without directly contacting Moonton’s customer service team. If you no longer have access to your Mobile Legends account, send an email to [email protected] and provide them with as much evidence as you can.

And that’s all the information we have on Mobile Legends hacks. If you want to try Mobile Legends, you can download the game for free on Google Play and the App Store. There are plenty of MOBAs available on mobile devices these days, so why not head on over to our best mobile MOBAs guide where we highlight a number of them.