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Mobile Legends’ Jump Up Together event offers free skins

Here's what you should know about the Mobile Legends Jump Up Together event

Mobile Legends heroes

Moonton has now launched a fun little browser game for Mobile Legends by the name of Jump Up Together. As you might have guessed, the mini-game challenges you to scale an ever-growing tower of boxes by timing your jumps correctly. It’s very simple and easy to play, but that’s honestly how it gets you. Falling into a false sense of security and screwing up a jump will result in you landing back at square one.

Beyond just being a fun distraction, Mobile Legends Jump Up Together also houses some special rewards, meaning you’ll need to get good if you want to acquire its freebies. Up for grabs is the Nameless Stray skin for Brody and the Blazing Trace skin for Claude. You can earn the former by inviting a friend or two to try the event, while the latter requires you to actually master the mini-game.

Thankfully, you’ve got plenty of time to practice, as the Jump Up Together event is set to run until May 21.

You can give it a go right now over on the Mobile Legends site. That said, you can only play the game using a mobile device.

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