Mobile Legends update – v1.5.14

All of the latest Mobile Legends patch notes, including nerfs, buffs, optimisations, and more

September 12, 2020 The latest Mobile Legends update, v1.5.14, is available now on the advanced server.

It’s fair to say that we get plenty a Mobile Legends update on mobile. Developer Moonton likes to keep you on your toes with regular balancing, nerfing, and optimising your favourite heroes over time, to ensure that no particular option proves that much more powerful, or weaker, than the others. The latest update is no different either, as you’ll see below.

In this guide, we’re going to cover every single Mobile Legends update, detailing the latest and upcoming changes to the game. We’ll go through each of the patch notes to walk you through the changes so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll also cover any big Mobile Legends events happening, to help you make the most of them.

We’ll update this guide regularly with the latest Mobile Legends update and events, so we thoroughly recommend bookmarking it and checking back often to see what’s new. You can also check out our Mobile Legends new hero guide for more information about the latest new, or upcoming, heroes, and our beginner’s Mobile Legends guide if you’re just getting started.

Check out the latest Mobile Legends update:

Upcoming: Mobile Legends update – V1.5.14

Even before v1.5.12 arrives on the public server, its successor, v1.5.14, has made it onto the advanced server. It includes the revamped version of Clint, some balancing for the upcoming Mobile Legends new heroes, and a bunch of balancing for existing heroes.

Here’s what to expect:


  • Quick Draw now causes basic attacks to penetrate in a line through targets, dealing +120% total physical attack, following a skill
  • Blind Smoke fires five bullets, each dealing 300 (+40% total physical attack) physical damage, in a fan-shaped area
  • Heel Rope deals 240 (+30% total physical attack and +150% total magic power) to a single enemy, slowing them for two seconds and causing Clint to jump back
  • Howitzer deals 350 (+80% total physical attack) damage to a designated area, and can be used up to five times. A single grenade restores every 12 seconds


  • Galactic Power now increases Yve’s movement speed per stack by 3%, up from 2%
  • Void Blast has a shorter cooldown, and increased damage and magic power bonus
  • Meteor Fall has a longer cooldown, increased mana cost, and now deals 210 (+20% total magic power) damage every 0.45 seconds six times
  • Real World Manipulation’s starfield duration has been reduced to ten seconds, tap damage has been increased to one second, and slide damage has been increased by 30% along with duration


  • Abyss Impact now slows 45% per stack, up from 40, and deals 50% less damage to minions
  • Corrosive Strike now increases movement speed to 45%, up from 30%
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a skill to be continuously cast


  • Elapsed Daytime will now deal damage to minions at the end of the dash


  • Justice Blade’s boomerangs will now stay longer at the destination
  • Chieftain’s Rage has a shorter skill animation, increased backswing, and has an AoE reduction of 30%
  • Justice Blade’s heavy variant has a shorter skill animation and increased backswing
  • Brave Stance’s heavy variant has an increased backswing
  • Chieftain’s Rage’s heavy variant has an increased animation on the third swing, and the AoE has changed to a round area from a fan area


  • Flowing Blood’s cooldown has increased to five seconds, from four


  • Rhapsody’s base damage has increased to 195, from 180


  • Execution Strike has a shorter cooldown of 5.5 seconds, down from seven seconds


  • Ashura Aura now deals 650 damage, up from 540
  • Decimate has had a reduction in the decay speed of the movement speed buff from killing an enemy


  • Spiral Strangling has a magic power bonus increase to 50%, from 35%
  • Imperial Justice’s magic lifesteal has changed to 80-120%, from a previous flat gain of 100%


  • Bloodthirst now restores HP by 7% after killing a minion or creep, up from 6%


  • Windtalk now provides five more movement speed per stack, but has had a stack limit decrease to ten, from 12
  • Wind Blade: Scatter has had a cooldown reduction to four, from five
  • Windblow’s Fix variant has had a base damage increase to 225, up from 215
  • Windblow’s Control variant has had an airborne duration deduction to one second, down from 1.1

Other adjustments

  • Outer Turret shields will now last 210 seconds, up from 180, and will now provide 60% ranged damage reduction and 30% melee damage reduction, rather than the original 50% flat damage reduction
  • Gold obtained from the shield will now display as a number
  • The colour and visual effect of shields has been optimised, and will show on the map
  • Minions will now deal 75 damage to shields, up from 50
  • Lithowanderer will now provide a 25% increased base gold bonus
  • Raptor Machete will now reduce the physical defence and slow the target by ten and 30% respectively, with the slow lasting for 1.5 seconds
  • Queen’s Wings has a new visual effect
  • Athena’s Shield now reduces magic damage taken by 25 for five seconds when taking magic damage, with a cooldown of ten seconds while out of combat
  • Antique Cuirass no longer reduces magic power, and reduces physical attack damage by 10%, up from 6%
  • Dreadnaught Armour has had the same change, except the physical attack reduction is 6%, up from 4%

You can find more miscellaneous bug fixes and adjustments in a detailed post on the Mobile Legends wiki.


The upcoming Mobile Legends v1.5.12, which is currently available on the advanced server, mostly focuses on bug fixes and balancing adjustments.

Here are the highlights:


  • Basic attack now benefits from physical lifesteal
  • Abyss Impact has a slow effect, longer cooldown, and a base damage decrease
  • Torn-Apart Memory has a longer cooldown


  • Alecto: Final Blow now features increased base damage and a longer duration for the initial slow effect


  • Blood Ancestry will now grant Alice 50 mana per blood orb
  • Blood Ode’s base damage has been decreased


  • Frost Shock’s base damage has been increased
  • Bitter Frost’s base damage has decreased, along with the magic power bonus


  • Ocean Oddity’s base damage has been increased and the damage reduction has been decreased


  • Starmoon Shockwave’s slow effect, and maximum slow effect, has been reduced
  • Crescent Moon’s base damage has been increased while the magic power bonus has been decreased


  • Bloodthirst’s HP restored after killing minions and creeps has been increased
  • Cyclone Sweep no longer receives a damage increase against minions

Upcoming: Project Next

Project Next is the title of a series of balancing changes due to arrive at some point in 2020 that aims to improve older heroes who have become outshone by more recent introductions.

While we don’t know exactly what to expect, we do expect the following changes:


  • Superconductor now causes increased magic damage on Forked Lightning, stuns three enemies plus the target and reduces magic defence on Electric Arrow, and deals AoE damage on Thunder’s Wrath
  • Thunder’s Wrath now only works on targeted enemy heroes


  • Flying Sword now has five attacks
  • Saber’s basic attacks and skills cause the flying swords to attack the target
  • Charge now makes Saber’s basic attacks slow enemies
  • Triple Sweep now deals double damage on the final blow


  • Moon Blessing now reveals the number of stacks above Miya’s head, and summons Moonlight Shadow dealing massive damage at maximum stacks
  • Arrow of Eclipse now immobilizes enemies immediately, and can split into 8 arrows to deal additional physical damage and slow the target


  • Pursuit no longer deals additional damage when Alucard attacks two targets, though the enhanced physical damage overall has been increased to 50%
  • Fission Wave now marks all nearby targets, which causes Pursuit to deal 50% more damage when multiple enemies are hit


  • Malefic Bomb now temporarily increases Layla’s movement speed and attack range when it hits
  • Void Projectile now marks an enemy, allowing Layla to deal additional physical damage and slow them on hit
  • Destruction Rush increases Layla’s attack range for basic attacks and Void Projectile, and also increases Layla’s camera height


  • Dragon Flurry now enhances the fourth basic attack. healing Zilong
  • Spear Flip’s physical defence reduction has been removed
  • Spear Strike now reduces the target’s physical defence and will refresh when Zilong kills an enemy
  • Supreme Warrior now reduces the basic attacks needed to activate enhanced basic attack from three to two

Mobile Legends update – v1.5.08 patch notes

The latest Mobile Legends update is rife with balancing adjustments, new content, and general optimisations. We’ll walk you through the big changes.

Fairness adjustments

  • You won’t lose a star for the first match of the week that you lose while an AFK player is on your team
  • The experience and rewards granted to the AFK player will be shared to the rest of the group at the end of a match
  • Only duo queue and triple queue players will now be matched against triple queue players
  • When matchmaking, Mobile Legends will now take into account player level, medal points, win rate, and rank to promote more balanced matches

Balance adjustments

The below balance adjustments are just a few of the highlights for the upcoming patch. There are more to come when it arrives.

  • Veil’s AoE attack’s cooldown has been reduced to three seconds, from six, and it will deal more continuous damage
  • Ruby’s AoE attack’s cooldown has been reduced to four seconds, from six
  • Yu Zhong’s regen ability is reduced and his ultimate deals less damage
  • Ling’s mobility has been reduced
  • Atlas’s combos have seen a reduction in damage
  • Luo Yi, Yi Sun-shin, Natalia, Karina, Helcurt, Claude, Kaja, Uranus, Gatotkaca, Terizla, Kimmy, Esmeralda, and Aldous will also see adjustments

Find your new favourite hero by checking out our Mobile Legends tier list


The following heroes are on sale at 30% off in the store:

  • Martis
  • Veil
  • Karina
  • Minsitthar
  • Ruby

Mythic players

  • Mythic players can use star protection cards to prevent star losses

Magic Chess adjustments

  • There’s a new synergy, special guest
  • Khaleed will make his debut in Magic Chess
  • New commander, Yuki, will make her debut
  • Ling’s HP has been reduced
  • Jawhead and Khufra have boosted HP
  • The UI has been revamped

MOBILE LEGENDS UPDATE – v1.5.06 patch notes

Moonton has released a small Mobile Legends update, which adds the following:

  • Yuki is now available in Magic Chess

The update also teased the following upcoming features:

  • Barats is an upcoming new hero who rides a dinosaur, and grows energy as he defeats his enemies
  • Mirror Mayhem is an upcoming new mode that combines the madness of the Mirror and Mayhem modes into one crazy mode
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