Mobile Legends wallpaper – the best mobile and desktop wallpapers

Our list of the best Mobile Legends wallpapers

As well as being great, addictive, and fun, Mobile Legends also has some of the best looking characters around. From adorable animals and anime girls, to butch brawlers and tanks, there is sure to be a character you like the look of. That means it’s only natural you’d want to have a cool picture of your favourite hero as your mobile or desktop wallpaper.

But it can be a big hassle trawling through multiple websites trying to find a Mobile Legends wallpaper that suits you. So that’s where we come in; we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Mobile Legends wallpapers around, all in one handy place. Finally, you can represent your favourite character with the style they deserve.

We’ll keep this list updated with the best Mobile Legends wallpapers when we find them, so make sure you check back when you need a new background. We also recommend taking a look at our Mobile Legends tier list for information about the best heroes in each class, and our Mobile Legends redeem codes list if you’re looking for some in-game freebies.

Mobile Legends wallpapers

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Akai the panda enjoying summer

Vivo selfie goddess Eudora

A Mobile Legends hero taking a selfie

Pigeoneer Diggie

An owl in a hat going for a stroll

Slumber party Nana

A Mobile Legends hero reading a book

Street football Bruno

A Mobile Legends hero playing street football

group desktop wallpaper

A group of Mobile Legends heroes preparing for battle

flower fairy Rafaela

A Mobile Legends hero in a flower costume

Demonlord Valir

A Mobile Legends hero in a villainous Demonlord outfit

Unrestrained Delight Mathilda

A Mobile Legends character flying through the sky

arena mode

A Mobile Legends character showing off the arena

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