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The best Monopoly games on Switch and mobile

Looking for the Monopoly games you can play on Switch and mobile? Our guide is here to show you the best versions of the classic board game on handhelds

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

We all know and love Monopoly, it could be the most iconic board game ever created, and we all know who Mr Monopoly is! Meanwhile, most families have a story or two about people losing their tempers after becoming bankrupt when they land on a hotel (or three). I’ll never forget what you did, Dad. Well, if you want to torture your family on the go, there are plenty of great Monopoly games on Switch and mobile.

Our guide to Monopoly games features some great translations of the original classic, as well as a few twists on the formula that may surprise you. So settle down, get your houses and hotels ready, and let the carnage commence. For even more great guides, be sure to read our guide to the best Switch horror games, the best Switch RPGs, the best Switch strategy games, and our sister site’s guide to the best board games.

Here are the best Monopoly games:

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Switch

The original, the classic. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and let me tell you… This right here is some classic Monopoly. It’s super easy to use the Joy-Cons to share the game between local friends and family, there are three different boards to explore, and there are a few handy features thrown in.

You can speed up the gameplay with action cards, or the ability to play the (much speedier) first-to-hotel option. Having this loaded up on your Switch is an instant party, and the great port makes it essential for any board game fans out there.

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

Monopoly Madness – Switch

Time for something a little different. If you’re tired of the normal formula, Monopoly Madness is an interesting and frantic twist. Mr Monopoly is going on holiday (or wants to retire, either way, he’s relaxing) and wants somebody else to take over the Monopoly empire.

Here’s where you come in, as you and several other players fight for fame and fortune, by exploring an open level, collecting resources, and using one of the twenty new characters. If you want something a bit looser than regular Monops’ then this just might do the trick.

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

Monopoly – Classic Board Game – iOS

It’s the classic formula, but now in your hands. Plus not everyone owns a Switch, so playing Monopoly on your mobile device could be a great option for you. This port also features online play, so you can battle it out against friends and family anywhere in the world.

Got that one friend you haven’t seen in a few years? You can truly end the friendship once and for all by absolutely decimating them with hotels. The port itself is clean with a nice interface, and it works well across iPhones and iPads with a UI that scales well wherever you play.

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

Monopoly Tycoon – iOS

Have you heard about Rollercoaster Tycoon? well oh boy, have I got a wild concept for you. Imagine that, but Monopoly. BAM, you’ve got Monopoly Tycoon baby. The Monopoly board has come to life, and you’re responsible for looking after the entire town and making the city itself flourish. Manage your properties, make smart deals, develop in the right places, and see if you have what it takes to become Mr Monopoly himself.

Monopoly games: a screenshot shows a virtual Monopoly board

Monopoly Solitaire – mobile

A nice mixture of two classics, Monopoly Solitaire uses the bones of the classic card game that has been on every Windows PC for 30 years and slaps on the property management excitement of Monopoly. This free-to-play lets you enjoy endless solitaire levels, but if you don’t play your cards right, you can land in jail. Collect properties, buy houses and hotels, and use your solitaire skills to pay your rent and win the game.

Alright you Monop-heads, hopefully, we’ve given you plenty of great ways to play the single best board game ever created (except for Mouse Trap). If you want something else to play today, be sure to check out our guides to the best mobile games list next.