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Monopoly Go breaks the bank by making $2 billion in under a year

Monopoly Go’s $2 billion in revenue is a massive achievement, proving in-game transactions are still a very lucrative way of making money.

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We can practically hear the celebrations from the offices of mobile developer Scopely following the news that Monopoly Go has made $2 billion in just ten months of release. We’re used to astronomical revenue in the mobile games industry, but even still, these are some awe-inspiring numbers, and the equivalent of passing go on the Monopoly board a staggering ten million times. That’s a lot of dice rolls.

The news of Monopoly Go’s massive numbers isn’t much of a surprise, considering we reported on Scopely’s game making $1 billion within its first few months late last year. We’re sure the team behind the game has plenty planned for the upcoming big first anniversary, with the game celebrating a full year of release on April 11, 2024.

It’s hard to pinpoint why Monopoly Go is so wildly successful, but it’s safe to assume that the abundance of free dice and in-game events keeps players engaged enough to keep coming back and spending more money. It’s not just audiences enjoying the game either, with the free-to-play title earning multiple industry gongs over the last few months, including recognition from the Google Play Awards 2023 and the Mobile GameDev 2024 awards.

The press release from Monopoly IP owners Hasbro and Scopely detailing the massive revenue also gave us an idea of how many people are playing Monopoly Go – a whopping 150 million plus. For context, that’s twice the number of people living in the UK or just under half the number in the US, so it points to Scopely’s game not only being a lucrative title but also something of a global hit. It also means we’re not expecting to see the numbers dwindle anytime soon, with the playerbase seemingly growing every day.

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