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Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures rewards

Check out all the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures rewards available in the latest Monopoly Go event, themed around archeology.

Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures: a golden dog statue on the ground

Head to the depths of the jungle with Sofia and her plane in the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event; now on to shower you with rewards. The event is easy to get into and complete, and for your time you get stacks of cash, sticker packs, and plenty of dice.

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When is the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event?

The Jungle Treasures event is on now and runs until January 26, 2024, at 12 PM EST/ 9 AM PST /5 PM GMT.

What is the Jungle Treasures event?

Jungle Treasures takes you to a dense jungle, where you must use pickaxe items to uncover items in an archaeological dig. There are 20 levels, each with a board with tiles on it. Each tile requires one pickaxe to destroy it, revealing either treasure or an empty space underneath. The goal is to completely uncover the treasures.

As you complete more boards, the more points you amass, and the more levels of rewards you get.

Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures rewards

Here are all the rewards you can get for each level of Jungle Treasures:

Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures level Reward
One 25 dice and two pickaxes
Two 75 dice and a yellow sticker pack
Three Scotty the dog emoji
Four 125 dice and two pickaxes
Five Cash and three pickaxes
Six 150 dice
Seven Cash and three pickaxes
Eight 175 dice
Nine Cash and pink sticker pack
Ten 250 dice
11 Cash and four pickaxes
12 Pink sticker pack
13 300 dice, 30-minute sticker boom, and shield skin
14 Cash and blue sticker pack
15 350 dice
16 Urn token
17 400 dice and five pickaxes
18 450 dice
19 Cash and five pickaxes
20 2.5k dice, cash, and a sticker pack
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How do I get Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures pickaxes?

You start the event with a finite number of pickaxes, but you can find more. As you go around the board, the passive events and tournaments can gift you with some as a reward, along with the usual cash and dice.

Completing each day’s Quick Wins also gives you some pickaxes for each win. A third and final way of refilling your tool supply is to grab the free gift in the shop, which replenishes every eight hours. It’s not guaranteed, but it can give you some picks, too.

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