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MTG Arena codes 2022

Boost your deck-building experience with our MTG Arena codes, offering heaps of free MTG Arena booster decks, cosmetics, experience boosts, and more

MTG Arena codes - a Magic the Gathering Arena character casting a spell

With the world of TCG and CCGs being so expensive, a handful of free MTG Arena codes can feel like a gift from the gods for any Magic the Gathering fan. Whether you’re building a whole new virtual deck or simply hoping to expand your options, grinding that gold or splashing cash on premium currencies can really sting – and who doesn’t love a good freebie?

Luckily, there are plenty of free MTG Arena codes to snag, offering booster packs, cosmetics, and XP boosts to help upgrade your deck-building experience, and we’ve got them all right here. We update this guide regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on it for even more grand goodies.

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Free MTG Arena codes 2022

Free MTG Arena booster packs

  • PlayDMUAlchemy – three Alchemy: Dominaria packs
  • PlayDMU – three Dominaria United booster packs
  • PlayHBG – three Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate packs
  • PlayAlchemyNewCapenna – three Alchemy New Capenna packs
  • PlaySNC – three Streets of New Capenna packs
  • PlayNEOAlchemy – three Alchemy Kamigawa packs
  • PlayNEO – three Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs
  • PlayVOW – three Innistrad: Midnight Hunt packs
  • PlayMID – three Innistrad: Midnight Hunt packs
  • PlayDND – three Adventures in the Forgotten Realms packs
  • PlayStrixhaven – three Strixhaven: School of Mages packs
  • PlayKaldheim – three Kaldheim packs
  • TryKaladesh – One Kaladesh Remastered pack
  • PlayZendikar – three Zendikar Rising packs
  • PlayM21 – three Core Set 2021 packs
  • PlayIkoria – three Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths packs
  • PlayTheros – three Theros Beyond Death packs
  • PlayEldraine – three Throne of Eldraine packs
  • PlayM20 – three Core Set 2020 packs
  • PlayWarSpark – three War of the Spark packs
  • PlayRavnica – three Guilds of Ravnica packs

Free MTG Arena cosmetics

  • ObscuraConnive – Obscura family sleeve
  • RiveteerBlitz – Riveteers family sleeve
  • MaestroCasualty – Maestros family sleeve
  • BrokerShield – Brokers family sleeve
  • CabarettiAlliance – New Capenna Cabaretti sleeve
  • AlwaysFinishTheJob – Riveteers family card sleeve
  • CrimeIsAnArtForm – Maestros family card sleeve
  • FunIsntFree – Cabaretti family card sleeve
  • InformationIsPower – Obscura family card sleeve
  • ReadTheFinePrint – Brokers family card sleeve
  • EnlightenMe – Narset, Parter of Veils card style
  • FoilFungus – Deathbloom Thallid card style and card
  • OverTheMoon – Arlinn, Voice of the Pack card style
  • ParallaxPotion – Revitalize card style and card
  • SuperScry – Opt card style and card
  • WrittenInStone – Nahiri, Storm of Stone card style and card
  • ShieldsUp – Teyo, the Shieldmage card style
  • Innerdemon – Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted card style
  • SparkleDruid – Druid of the Cowl card style and card
  • ShinyGoblinPirate – Fanatical Firebrand card style and card
  • FNMATHOME – two random cosmetics
  • RockJocks – Lorehold college card sleeve
  • DebateDuelists – Silverquill college card sleeve
  • MathWhizzes – Quandrix college card sleeve
  • SwampPunks – Witherbloom college card sleeve
  • ArtClub – Prismari college card sleeve

Free MTG Arena XP boosts

  • LevelUp – 2k XP
  • RestorativeBurst – 2k XP
  • ExperimentalOverload – 2k XP

MTG Arena codes - Magic The Gathering Arena characters and unicorns battling in the sky

How do I redeem my MTG Arena codes?

There are a few ways to redeem your MTG Arena codes, depending on what platform you want to use. Note that, if you’re a new player, you should only open the booster packs you gain from your codes after you’ve already obtained all the New Player Experience decks to avoid duplicates.

Redeem MTG Arena codes on PC

  • Launch MTG Arena on your PC or laptop
  • Go to the ‘store’ page
  • Type or paste your code into the redeem code box at the top-right
  • Hit enter
  • Grab those goodies!

Redeem MTG Arena codes on mobile

  • Head to the official Wizards website in your browser
  • Log into your account
  • Open the dashboard
  • Put your code in the ‘redeem a code’ box
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

MTG Arena unique codes

MTG Arena unique codes are single-use codes provided as a part of promotional events, or to reward you for specific MTG purchases. If you pick up a physical deck at a pre-release event, grab a starter kit, or any of the following decks, you can snag free cosmetics or virtual copies of the characters on the cards.

  • Ajani, Inspiring Leader
  • Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears
  • Basri Ket, Devoted Paladin
  • Chandra, Flame’s Catalyst
  • Chandra, Flame’s Fury
  • Domri, City Smasher
  • Dovin, Architect of Law
  • Elspeth, Undaunted Hero
  • Garruk, Savage Herald
  • Gideon, the Oathsworn
  • Jace, Arcane Strategist
  • Liliana, Death Mage
  • Mu Yanling, Celestial Wind
  • Oko, the Trickster
  • Ral, Caller of Storms
  • Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage
  • Sorin, Vampire Lord
  • Teferi, Timeless Voyager
  • Vivien, Nature’s Avenger
  • Vraska, Regal Gorgon

You can also purchase Secret Lair superdrop packs to get MTG Arena codes for large bundles. Check out the MTG Arena promotions site to find out more.

Where can I get more free MTG Arena codes?

We update this guide regularly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time to keep on top of the latest MTG Arena codes. However, you can also subscribe to Wizards’ MTG Arena newsletter which sometimes contains new codes. Following the MTG Arena Twitter is also a great idea, as Wizards usually releases new codes to compensate for any technical difficulties.

That’s it for our MTG Arena codes. If you’re already a top deck-builder and are looking to try something new, check out our list of the best mobile games.