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The Clicks case brings retro glory to modern touchscreens

At 2024's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, we got hands-on experience with the Clicks case that brings a physical keyboard to iPhones.

Clicks case at MWC 2024

If you were born post-2000, there’s a good chance that you probably never got to experience the joys – and frustrations – of a physical keyboard on your mobile phone, and that’s a real shame. While touchscreen keyboards are great most of the time (responsive, accurate, and smooth), there’s just something about typing out a text on a tiny keyboard that feels right: it feels simple, tangible, and wonderfully mechanical. That’s where the new Clicks case comes in, bringing a physical keyboard to the iPhone range.

The Clicks case has an in-built Blackberry-style keyboard that you can fit onto your iPhone. It’s got a well-proportioned, bold design and is compatible with the iPhone 14 and 15 Pro models. Connor, our lead hardware journalist, got hands-on with the Clicks case at the ongoing Mobile World Conference (MCW) and it’s safe to say that he’s bowled over by its charm and functionality – it could be one of the best iPhone keyboard options on the market.

Reporting live from the event, he explains that “the Clicks case is something you really should check out. The buttons are tactile and don’t feel at all cheap, the case itself seems sturdy and capable of protecting your iPhone, and the yellow design is vibrant and stands out from the crowd.”

Connor continues, “it’s easy to use, too, with keyboard shortcuts for emojis or changing the language. Typing this up on my iPhone keyboard feels slightly irritating after having gone back to the glory days with the Clicks alternative, and just a quick hands-on has left me eager to pick one up for myself.”

Clicks case at MWC 2024

That’s a pretty strong endorsement, and if it’s piqued your interest, you can order a Clicks case for yourself now in one of two colors (BumbleBee yellow and London Sky grey), starting from a price point of $139.00, depending on the model. Now, obviously, that’s a hefty price for an iPhone case. Whether or not you can justify it for a return to retro glory is between you, your bank account, and your conscience. But, from our own time with the Clicks case, it’s an admittedly tempting prospect regardless of the price point.

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